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  • Abramin By Struers Incorporated

    Abramin Microprocessor controlled tabletop machine for automatic grinding and polishing. Data memory for each of 8 different preparation steps, which can be combined according to choice. 3-12 specimens of all types of materials can be prepared quickly and with high reproducibility. Read More
  • AbraPlan-20 By Struers Incorporated

    Powerful and fast plane grinding machine ideal for laboratories carrying out quality control testing of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens. One AbraPlan-20 can provide enough work for 2 or 3 polishing machines, or act as a pre-grinder for the fully automatic MAPS... Read More
  • AbraPol-20 By Struers Incorporated

    An automatic, floor-based grinding and polishing machine that is perfect for laboratories performing quality control testing of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens. With variable speed on both disc and holder sensitive materials can be prepared at slow speeds whereas tough... Read More
  • AC input temperature controller 5R1-001 By Oven Industries Inc.

    The 5R1-001 is a universal AC input temperature controller for resistive heaters. The unit is designed with 1500VAC isolation from the electronic circuitry, which virtually eliminates interference from noise or errant signals. The software is PC programmable and requires no programming... Read More
  • Accelerated Aging - UV, Weathering Testing By Cascade TEK

    Cascade TEK routinely tests resins, plastics, paints, coatings, textiles, papers, to determine the accelerated effect of sunlight exposure . Over the course of a few days or weeks, UV exposure tests will replicate the damage that a product would see over the course of years. Cascade TEK also... Read More
  • Accelerated Aging Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ provides stability testing for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Testing services meet a variety of test requirements for accelerating aging, shelf life testing, expiration date testing, and more. Services are available to test or store a wide range of products in specific temperature... Read More
  • Accutom-5 By Struers Incorporated

    Precision table top cut-off machine for precise and deformation-free cutting. Equipped with sample rotation or oscillation. Pre-set constant feed speed in the range of 0.005 - 3.00 mm/s. Variable wheel speed up to 3,000 rpm, positioning accuracy of 5 µm, and adjustable force limit. Read More
  • Accutom-50 By Struers Incorporated

    Accutom-50 Precision table top cut-off machine and grinding machine for precise and deformation-free cutting. Equipped with sample rotation or oscillation. Pre-set constant feed speed in the range of 0.005 - 3.00 mm/s. Read More
  • Acrylic resins By Struers Incorporated

    Resins with short curing times and moderate shrinkage. The all-round materialographic resins. Read More
  • Adjustable support blocks By Struers Incorporated

    Suitable for e.g. crankshafts Turnable, horizontally and vertically adjustable Height adjustment range: 60-80 mm, 80-100 or 100-120 mm using three different crowns Two versions: Mounted on base plate or mounted on T-nut for direct insertion into T-slot Read More
  • ADMET Torsion Testing Systems By ADMET Inc.

    ADMET configures vertical and horizontal Torsion Testing Systems for static, dynamic,and fatigue testing applications. 360^ revolution, angle or torque control, variety of collet and lathe chuck grips, biaxial configurations available. Read More
  • AFFRI® DAKOMASTER 300 By Affri Inc.

    Automatic hardness tester for Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell test methods in compliance with ASTM and ISO standards. Test loads from 1 to 250 kgf (9,807 to 2452 N). Innovative measurement technology with vertical measure system: DAKOMASTER AFFRI® System Hardness tester achieves the highest... Read More
  • AFFRI® Hardness Testers Accessories By Affri Inc.

    AFFRI® provides several accessories to fix the sample on the hardness tester: tightening vices, anvils, single or multiples samples holder and XY moving tables. AFFRI® supplies a fully automatic systems for Brinell, Vickers and CHD measurements: motorized XY tables controlled with Joystick, 1.3... Read More
  • AFFRI® Indenters By Affri Inc.

    AFFRI® provides high quality indenters. Ball or cone types according to Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, Knoop and Shore for each type of hardness tester. - High quality diamond indenters for every type of hardness testers Read More
  • AFFRI® INTEGRAL By Affri Inc.

    Automatic hardness tester for Brinell test method in compliance with ASTM E10 and ISO 6506 standards. Test loads from 15,6 to 3000 kgf (From 153,2 to 29421 N) Innovative measurement technology with vertical measure system: INTEGRAL AFFRI® System Hardness tester achieves the highest level of... Read More
  • AFFRI® MRS Serie By Affri Inc.

    Automatic hardness testers for Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell test methods in compliance with ASTM and ISO standards. Test loads from 1 to 250 kgf (9,807 to 2452 N). Innovative measurement technology with vertical measure system: The AFFRI® System Hardness testers achieve the highest level of... Read More
  • AFFRI® RSD Serie By Affri Inc.

    Semi-automatic hardness testers for per Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness test method in compliance with ASTM and ISO standards. Load forces from 3 to 187,5 kgf (29,42 to 1839 N). Innovative measurement technology with vertical measure system: RSD AFFRI® System Hardness testers achieve... Read More
  • AFFRI® RSDMAG By Affri Inc.

    Portable hardness tester with magnetic clmping base for real Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers methods in compliance with ASTM E10 E18 and ISO standards. Test loads from 3 to 187,5 kgf (29,42 to 1839 N) User friendly: Pulling one single start lever the measure result will... Read More

    Digital hardness testers for Brinell and Vickers test method in compliance with ASTM, ISO and JIS hardness standards. Load range from 10 to 3000kgf. LD 3000 hardness testers are low cost bench hardness testers with high accuracy standards. Easy to use, single start button for the entire test.... Read More
  • AFFRI® Test Blocks By Affri Inc.

    AFFRI® has a wide variety of test blocks for every scale certified UKAS/ACCREDIA or with AFFRI’S test blocks amenable to primary institute. - Standard blocks with official certificate conform to astm-iso standards for primary certification of the hardness tester - Standard blocks with... Read More
  • AFFRI® WIKI 30 By Affri Inc.

    Portable hardness tester for micro/macro Vickers and Knoop methods with indentation autoreading. Hardness testing on bulky tubes or valves in compliance with ASTM E384, ISO 6507 and ISO 4545 hardness standards. WIKI 30 is a motorized portable hardness tester targeted for use by the Oil & Gas... Read More
  • AFFRI® WIKI JS By Affri Inc.

    Automatic Hardness tester for micro and macro Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and Rockwell test methods. WIKI JS is the top-of-the-line of automation and accuracy for Vickers and Knoop hardness measurements in compliance with ASTM and ISO hardness standards. It is a fully motorized system for Case... Read More
  • AG-X Materials Testers By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

    From concept to reality, count on Shimadzu’s AG-X Autograph testing machine, which makes measurement a breeze while providing precise, high-speed results. Ideal for a variety of industries, for QA/QC or R&D testing of plastics, metals, and other component parts, the AG-X with... Read More
  • Air check O2 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor By PureAire Monitoring Systems

    PureAire's O2 deficiency monitors are designed for labs containing liquid nitrogen, confined spaces, and MRI rooms. If there is a spill of oxygen depleting gases (N2, Ar, CO2, and He) our monitor will sound an audible alarm in seconds. Non sample draw and explosion proof versions are also... Read More
  • Aka-Piatto Plane Grinding Discs By Advanced Met Services

    Unique to Aka-Piatto is the color-coded binder and a wear compensating surface design increasing the planeness of the samples and the lifetime of the Aka-Piatto discs. Depending on the samples size and machine set-up at least 150 pieces of grinding paper can be substituted by one Aka-Piatto... Read More
  • AKASEL CONSUMABLES: Cutting By Advanced Met Services

    Cutting is the first step in sample preparation, if you need a manageable size of your sample material. The aim of cutting is to obtain a surface that is plane, with a minimum of mechanical deformation and thermal damage. Our Aka-Cut cut-off wheels are optimized for different materials to obtain... Read More
  • AKASEL CONSUMABLES: Grinding By Advanced Met Services

    The purpose of grinding is to remove the deformation and possible thermal damage introduced during sectioning and to prepare the samples for polishing. Plane grinding, the first step, must produce a uniform finish and get all samples in a sample holder to the same level in a short time.... Read More
  • AKASEL CONSUMABLES: Mounting By Advanced Met Services

    Mounting has several purposes. Mounting provides protection/support of the sample surface, makes it easier to handle the sample, allows for several small samples in one mount and gives uniform sizes for clamping in a sample holder. To meet your mounting requirements both cold mounting and hot... Read More
  • AlexSys By Setaram, Inc.

    High Temperature Calvet Calorimeter (up to 800 / 1000°C) Sensitivity, stability, flexibility and precision: The AlexSys calorimeter features a 3D Calvet sensor, providing high sensitivity and exceptional precision. The calorimeter block and furnace design ensures a high signal-to-noise... Read More
  • Alloy 42 Controlled Expansion Alloy Rod, Sheet, Plate, Coil and Strip By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 42 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 42, NILO 42, Glass-Seal 42, is a Nickel Iron controlled expansion alloy with 42% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 42 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications, lead frames, especially for glass and ceramic... Read More
  • Alloy 46 Controlled Expansion, Iron Nickel Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 46 Controlled Expansion Alloy , also know as Pernifer 46, NILO 46, Glass-Seal 46, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 46% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 46 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 46 is especially useful in glass to metal and ceramic sealing... Read More
  • Alloy 48 Controlled Expansion, Iron Nickel Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 48 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 48, NILO 48, Glass-Seal 48, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 48% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 48 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 48 controlled expansion alloy is especially useful in glass to... Read More
  • Alloy 52 Controlled Expansion, Iron Nickel Alloy By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Alloy 52 Controlled Expansion Alloy, also know as Pernifer 50, NILO 50, Glass-Seal 52, is a Nickel Iron alloy with 51% Nickel, and the remaining balance Iron. Alloy 52 is used in a wide variety of electronic applications. Alloy 52 is especially useful in glass to metal sealing applications that... Read More
  • Allround Casting Machine VTC 200 V By Blue Power Casting Systems

    VTC 200 V vacuum/pressure casting machine featuring vibration technology With the VTC 200, INDUTHERM offers an extremely versatile casting machine suitable for a wide range of applications – and a number of options that were considered mutually incompatible up to now. Thus, while the VTC 200 V... Read More
  • alpha300 A By WITec GmbH

    The alpha300 A is a modular, user-friendly Atomic Force Microscope designed specifically for Materials Research, Nanotechnology, and Life Science. It integrates a scientific-grade optical microscope for superior optical access, easy cantilever alignment, and high resolution sample survey. All... Read More
  • alpha300 R By WITec GmbH

    The alpha300 R represents a new generation of Raman imaging systems, focusing on high resolution as well as high speed spectrum and image acquisition. Its sensitive setup allows for the nondestructive imaging of chemical properties without specialized sample preparation. In typical experiments,... Read More
  • alpha300 S By WITec GmbH

    The alpha300 S is a user friendly Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (SNOM) that combines in a unique way the advantages of SNOM, Confocal Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy in a single instrument. Switching between the different modes can easily be done by rotating the objective turret.... Read More
  • alpha500 By WITec GmbH

    The award winning alpha500 is an automated Confocal Raman and Atomic Force Microscopy System incorporating a motorized sample stage for large samples and customized multi-area/multi-point measurements. It allows nondestructive chemical imaging with Confocal Raman Microscopy as well as high... Read More
  • AMSY-6 By Acoustic Technology Group Inc

    Vallen AMSY-6 is our fully digital multi-channel AE-measurement system. It consists of parallel measurement channels and the system front end software which runs on an external PC. A measurement channel consists of an AE-sensor, preamplifier and one channel of an ASIP-2 (dual channel acoustic... Read More
  • Analytical Services By Anderson Materials Evaluation Incorporated

    Small-Spot X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS or ESCA) with Depth Profiling, Heating, & RGA MS Scanning Auger Microprobe(SAM) Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) with Golden Gate ATR for most materials and Veemax II variable-angle specular reflectance for enhanced surface sensitivity Scanning... Read More
  • Annealing Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers a wide selection of high performance ovens for annealing. The portfolio of annealing ovens offers a variety of chamber sizes and temperature capabilities to best fir any customer’s application. These ovens feature exceptional temperature uniformity, flexibility and tight process... Read More
  • Anvils By Struers Incorporated

    Struers offers a wide variety support anvils and clamping devices to suit different sample geometries and applications. For optimal support of flat, round and cylindrical samples. Flat anvils up to 600 x 400 mm. V-anvils for direct testing on cylindrical and round samples up to Ø250 mm dia.... Read More
  • API Storage Tank Services By Hendrix Group Inc.

    As a certified API Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector and a registered Professional Engineer, David possesses unique qualifications related to storage tank integrity evaluations, inspection issues, and corrosion failures. In addition, he has authored numerous papers and publications on the... Read More
  • Applications Measurements By Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

    The NETZSCH Thermal Analysis Applications Laboratories are a proficient partner for nearly all thermal analysis issues. Our involvement in your projects begins with painstaking sample preparation and continues through meticulous examination and interpretation of the measurement results. Our... Read More
  • Arizona Weathering Services By Q-Lab Corporation

    Q-Lab's Arizona site is a benchmark location for outdoor durability tests because of its high-intensity sunlight and high year-around temperatures. For natural accelerated outdoor exposures, clients rely on the Q-TRAC Natural Sunlight Concentrator, a service exclusively available at Q-Lab Arizona. Read More
  • ARMANDA By TecScan Systems Inc.

    Automated Robotic Mechanical Arm for NonDestructive Assessment (ARMANDA). This NDT automated scanner can be used for Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Pulsed Eddy Current and Time-of-Flight- Diffraction inspections. The ARMANDA is mounted on a flexible rail fixture allowing for horizontal or vertical... Read More
  • ASAME Display Software By ASAME Technology LLC

    The ASAME Display Software uses the same core program as our strain measurement systems to show major strain, minor strain, strain directions, and three-dimensional part geometry. It can graph forming limit diagrams and section plots, calculate thickness and effective strain, and import and... Read More
  • ASAME Target Model By ASAME Technology LLC

    Measures the surface geometry and strain distribution over an area of a stamped part that has been gridded with a pattern of squares before forming. A compact system requiring only lightweight and readily portable equipment to make surface strain and geometry measurements. Read More
  • ASCE/SEI 7-10 By Techstreet

    Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, ASCE/SEI 7-10, is a complete revision of ASCE Standard 7-05. ASCE 7-10 offers a complete update and reorganization of the wind load provisions, expanding them from one chapter into six to make them more understandable and easier to follow.... Read More
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code By Techstreet

    Summary of 2010 BPVC Changes New BPVC Publishing Schedule Order from Techstreet and get more than just the Code: Always low prices on Code books and shipping Addenda service included with Code purchase Order online and get Techpoint Rewards, redeemable for Amazon gift cards and... Read More
  • ASTM Book of Standards By Techstreet

    The 80+ volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards contains ASTM's 12,000+ standards and is available in print, CD-ROM and Subscription formats. The volumes can be purchased individually, as a section (at a 25% discount) or as the complete 80+ volume set (at a 50% discount). Read More
  • Auger Electron Spectroscopy By Micron Inc.

    Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) is an analytical method for characterizing the surface (25-50 angstroms) chemistry of materials. Range of Detectable Elements: All except Hydrogen and Helium Detection Limits: Few atom percent Area Sampled: Sub micrometer to several millimeters Depth of... Read More
  • Automated Residual Stress Mapping By Proto Manufacturing

    Proto’s Automated Residual Stress Mapping technology can generate a comprehensive picture of the residual stress state of any sample. Even curved surfaces such as welds can be automatically mapped allowing designers and engineers to visualize and manage problem areas. Automated stress mapping... Read More
  • Automated Scanners for NDE By WesDyne International

    WesDyne NDE Products & Technology introduces another product in a long line of innovative automated scanners: the Navigator. The Navigator is a trackless scanner, ready to run across any carbon steel surface, moments after being unpacked at a worksite. The Navigator is then free to roam any... Read More
  • Automatic Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester TIME®6356 By Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    TIME®6356 is the latest load cell type Rockwell hardness tester developed by TIME Group Inc. It can automatically test both Rockwell hardness and superficial Rockwell Hardness. TIME®6356 provides an ideal solution for hardness testing with easy opeartaion and high accuracy. Features 1.Conform... Read More
  • AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2010 By Techstreet

    The world's best reference for structural steel welding is now even more valuable! New with the 2010 edition, this code is now on a 5 year revision cycle. This code covers the welding requirements for any type of welded structure made from the commonly used carbon and low-alloy... Read More
  • Axial Extensometers By Epsilon Technology Corp.

    Models in this group cover tension, compression and cyclic testing. Huge variety of gauge lengths and measuring ranges. Cover temperatures from -265 to +200 °C (-450 to +400 °F) Read More
  • Axitom-5 By Struers Incorporated

    Axitom-5, the fully automatic cut-off machine, designed for maximum user-friendliness. With its very large cutting table and easy to use controls, Axitom-5 is ideal for production environments. The spacious cutting chamber is equipped with two automatic cutting tables. The x-table for serial... Read More
  • Axle Inspection Scanner Solution By TecScan Systems Inc.

    Train axles undergo high stress during service which calls for periodical verification of their integrity and the possible formation of cracks. TecScan is proud to introduce an axle inspection solution combining a novel manual axle scanner with phased array technology. The scanner performs a... Read More