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White Papers for Advanced Materials For Engineering Processes

  • Worst Case Leakage Current TestingBy

    Leakage current testing is the measurement of electrical “leakage current” that results from powering an electrical appliance via mains or dc power. Leakage current is the unwanted or unintended flow of electrical current that presents an electrical hazard such as shock or burn.
  • Analysis of tract impurities in pharmaceutical products using polarized EDXRF spectrometer NEX CGBy

    The analysis of metal impurities for pharmaceutical products such as harmful elements contained in the raw materials and residual catalysts in the manufacturing process is important for the risk assessment in actual large scale production. Various guidelines and criteria of harmful elements...
  • Thermal Analysis Unlocks the Secrets of ElastomersBy

    Analysts can reverse engineer elastomers which allows companies to improve on specific formulations.
  • Carbon Fiber Line Capacity – Historical & Future PerspectiveBy

    Harper presents results of a cost modeling effort to evaluate potential paths for scale up for the next generation carbon fiber production lines. In additon to evaluating the future of the industry, Harper presents evaluations of current state of the art production lines at 1.75 and 3M wide...
  • Uses and Advances of Industrial X-ray Computed TomographyBy

    An article/case study discussing the rapid advancement of X-ray Computed Tomography capabilities for 100% 3D internal and external inspection of industrial parts/products.