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Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

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1655 Lyell Avenue
Rochester, NY 14606

About Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

  • Induction heating solutions are our specialty. Whether you need a high power, low frequency system or a low power, high frequency system, we can help. Ambrell has experience with heat treating applications such as annealing, tempering, through hardening and case hardening.

    Ambrell has partnered with companies to offer fully integrated systems. The end result of this partnership among leaders in their respective fields has been cutting-edge systems.

    Free application testing is available from THE LAB to prove the viability of your application prior to purchase. Our systems have been installed more than 10,000 times in over 50 countries. They're trusted and supported across the world. So, no matter your location, Ambrell can help enhance your process. Let us show you how Ambrell can enhance your process.
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Products by Ambrell Induction Heating Solutions

  • EKOHEAT 15kW Systems

    EKOHEAT induction heating systems for 50-150 kHz range provide reliable and repeatable solutions for high-speed heating of smaller parts where the part geometry or the coil size requires high frequency for efficient heating. Among many typical applications are heat treating of steels, shallow... Read more

    EASYHEAT induction heating systems - for frequencies between 150 and 400kHz - provide a reliable, compact solution for heating your parts with a quick, clean source of heat. Available in models from 1.2 to 10kW, all are ideal for repeatable, non-contact heating of your parts. The remote heat... Read more
  • EKOHEAT 50kW Systems

    EKOHEAT 15kW induction heating systems, available from 1.5-45 kHz, provide reliable and repeatable solutions for heating larger parts. Among the many typical applications are heat treating of steels, preheating for forging of steel, aluminum, copper or brass, crystal growing, and heating of... Read more