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  • Calibration Services

    Laboratory Testing Inc. provides NIST traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and A2LA accredited calibration services for a wide range of gages, measuring tools, standards and measuring instruments. Calibration services compare the performance output of a tool or measuring... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis

    Laboratory Testing Inc. performs both Instrumental Chemical Analysis and classical Wet Chemistry methods to provide customers with information about material composition, including trace elements and impurities. Many test results can be provided qualitatively and quantitatively. Our chemists... Read More
  • Corrosion Testing

    Accelerated intergranular corrosion, salt spray (salt fog), humidity, temperature and passivation testing are performed at Lab Testing to help customers determine the impact of environmental conditions on their material or products. Testing and analysis can help compare materials, estimate the... Read More
  • Dimensional Inspection

    Laboratory Testing Inc. performs dimensional inspection on surface and specialty features of machined products and parts, including internal and external fastener threads. First-article and third-party inspections can be performed according to NAS, MS and ANSI specifications. Our dimensional... Read More
  • Failure Analysis

    Root cause failure analysis may include testing methods such as mechanical testing, metallography, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing and dimensional inspection to determine the nature and probable root cause of the failure. Equipment such as our Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy... Read More
  • Fracture Toughness Testing

    Fracture toughness is an important material property in design applications since flaws such as cracks, voids, inclusions, weld defects and discontinuities cannot be completely avoided. The fracture toughness test is also valuable in determining whether there is a danger of failure when a flaw... Read More
  • Materials Testing

    Materials testing at LTI can provide elemental analysis, verification of mechanical properties, examination of microscopic product features, detection of flaws and corrosion analysis. Rely on our chemical analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing, metallurgical evaluation and other... Read More
  • Mechanical Testing

    Laboratory Testing Inc. has a full-service mechanical testing laboratory near Philadelphia, PA (USA) that routinely performs Tensile Testing, Charpy Impact Testing, Hardness Testing, Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Testing, Stress Rupture and Creep Testing, and more. Our technical expertise,... Read More
  • Metallurgical Analysis

    Laboratory Testing's metallurgical testing is PRI Nadcap and A2LA accredited. Our metallurgists can provide insight into the cause of material failures, when performance does not meet expectations, as well as the following: * Detect surface and internal flaws * Determine microstructural... Read More
  • Metals Testing

    Customers rely on Laboratory Testing Inc. metals testing services and material analysis to provide the information they need to verify the quality of raw materials or end products, meet industry requirements and research the product failures. All test results are provided in detailed Certified... Read More
  • Nondestructive Testing

    Certified nondestructive testing (NDT) specialists perform tests that provides information about surface and subsurface inconsistencies, flaws and weaknesses without damaging their test material: * X-ray Inspection * Ultrasonic Testing * Hydrostatic Pressure Testing * Liquid Penetrant... Read More
  • Polymer Testing

    The hardness of polymers is measured by the Shore Durometer Test at LTI, in accordance with ASTM D2240. This method determines a material’s hardness value or resistance to indentation by penetration of an indenter into the test sample. Because the flexibility of polymers varies, LTI is equipped... Read More
  • Specimen Machining

    Laboratory Testing uses computerized numerical control (CNC) equipment to prepare the highest quality test specimens from metals including metal matrix composites, hardened steels and nickel-base alloys, and some plastics. EDM services also are available. Our test specimen machining is performed... Read More

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