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About Ted Pella, Inc

Ted Pella, Inc is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of quality consumables, supplies and specimen preparation tools for all disciplines of microscopy in science and industry. Also offered is a complete line of general lab supplies. Ted Pella, Inc specializes in SEM mounts and sample holders, TEM grids and supports films, calibration tools, FIB consumables, sample preparation equipment and tools. The company also distributes a full line for metallographic specimen preparation including cutting, embedding, grinding, lapping and polishing consumables and equipment targeted for research, development and quality control applications. Ted Pella, Inc also distributes the high performance Cressington sputter coaters, carbon coaters, vacuum evaporators and accessories.

Products by Ted Pella, Inc

By Ted Pella, Inc

TEM Grids and Support Films

The largest and most comprehensive selection of transmission electron microscopy grids, support films and SiN membranes for all TEM applications in life science, materials sciences, semiconductor and nanotechnology. Read more »

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By Ted Pella, Inc

Silicon Nitride Membranes

The PELCO® Silicon Nitride Support Films for TEM (also called Si3N4 TEM membranes) have been developed as an addition to our extensive range of TEM support films to further enable nanotechnology applications and extend molecular biology research. These superior products are made by... Read more »

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By Ted Pella, Inc

FIB Supplies

A selection of high quality innovative supplies specially developed for FIB and SEM/FIB systems used for milling cross sections and TEM samples. Including a full range of consumables and accessories for the renowned Omniprobe AutoProbe™ lift-out tools. Read more »

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