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Products by Engel Metallurgical Limited
  • Engineering experts

    Attorneys requiring reliable information rely on Engel Metallurgical. Les Engel and his team of specialists sort through intricate details of structural and material failures, accidents, manufacturing defects and other unexpected incidents that lead to lawsuits, with involvement from initial... Read More
  • Failure analysis

    Our engineers test and analyze materials with forensic analysis, then provide independent, expert opinions about material failure, including: -Root cause -Failure mode -Photographic documentation -Fracture evaluations -Engel Metallurgical's combination of equipment and expertise helps clients... Read More
  • Inspection

    Looking deeper yields more accurate answers. Engel Metallurgical engineers provide inspection services of equipment and components on site or in our lab. We analyze materials through our in-depth lab services and provide information and recommendations based on our inspections. We also work on... Read More
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