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Criterion NDT designs and manufactures electromagnetic Eddy Current test instrumentation and sensors. Criterion NDT products are primarily used by manufacturers of metal components or assemblies, as well as heat treating companies for the non-destructive evaluation of manufactured product quality. Eddy current testing is used to evaluate electrically conductive material for surface cracks or material flaws, missing components within assemblies, thread verification, material mix or detection of undesirable changes in micro-structure due to heat treatment processing issues that result in incorrect hardness, case depths or hardened case pattern profiles.

Competitors of CRITERION NDT, INC.

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Magnetic Analysis Corp.

Magnetic Analysis Corporation's (MAC) eddy current, ultrasonic, flux leakage and custom multi-test NDT instrumentation are used to test tube, bar, rod, wire, plate & parts, usually during production. Our experienced engineers advise on the most effective system to meet specifications. MAC... Read More