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About Class Instrumentation Ltd

Welcome to Class Instrumentation, designers and manufacturers of ultrasonic hatch cover testers, liquid level sensors, thickness gauges, NDT testing equipment and leak detectors. Our ultrasonic instruments undergo continual development to keep us in the forefront of global innovation in ultrasonic testing.
Cargo-Safe Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester

Cargo-Safe is a type approved ultrasonic hatch cover tester used worldwide to check the weather tightness of cargo ship hatch seals.
A low cost ultrasonic leak detector for detecting gas leaks in a variety of environments.
Gauss Meter
The PLI Liquid Level Gauge indicates liquid levels inside containers including fire extinguishers and fuel tanks. It is suitable for measuring CO2, halon, FM200, oil and water.

Touchstone 1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

All products are designed and manufactured by Class Instrumentation Ltd under an ISO 9001 quality control system

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Products by Class Instrumentation Ltd

By Class Instrumentation Ltd

The choice of marine surveyors across the globe The ingress of water through hatch covers is a main cause of damage to cargo. It is in the interest of ship owners, managers and insurers to guarantee the cargo hold is watertight, as damaged cargo caused by water leaking through hatch covers can... Read more »

By Class Instrumentation Ltd

The PLI Portable Liquid Level gauge is designed to offer a simple, accurate, rapid and reliable method of determining the liquid level of CO2, Halon, FM200, Propane and any liquefied gas under pressure, without having to weigh the cylinders. It will also indicate the level of oil or water in a... Read more »

By Class Instrumentation Ltd

The Class Instrumentation Ltd's GM1 Gauss meter is an easy to use method of measuring DC magnetic flux and direction using a solid-state Hall effect sensor. The lightweight, hand-held gauge provides accurate results within a wide range and is perfect for a multitude of applications. The Gauss... Read more »

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