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About Thermo-Calc Software Inc

Thermo-Calc Software is a leading developer of software and databases for calculations involving computational thermodynamics and diffusion controlled simulations. Thermo-Calc is a powerful tool for performing thermodynamic calculations for multicomponent systems. Calculations are based on thermodynamic databases produced by expert evaluation of experimental data. Databases are available for steels, Ti, Al, Ni-superalloys and other materials. Programming interfaces are available which enables Thermo-Calc to be called directly from in-house developed software or MatLab. DICTRA is used for accurate simulations of diffusion in multicomponent alloys. Applications include: • Homogenization of alloys. • Microsegregation during solidification. • Coarsening of precipitates. • Joining. TC-PRISMA is a new software package developed for predicting precipitation kinetic.

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Products by Thermo-Calc Software Inc

By Thermo-Calc Software Inc

Thermo-Calc has over the past 30 years gained a world-wide reputation as the best and most powerful software package for thermodynamic calculations. It is widely used for a variety of calculations including calculating: • Stable and meta-stable heterogeneous phase equilibria • Amounts of phases... Read more »

By Thermo-Calc Software Inc

Software for accurate simulation of diffusion controlled reactions in multi-component alloy systems, which is based on numerical solution of the multi-component diffusion equations. Examples of cases that have been simulated using DICTRA include: • Microsegregation during solidification •... Read more »

By Thermo-Calc Software Inc

TC-PRISMA is a software package which treats concurrent nucleation, growth/dissolution and coarsening under arbitrary heat treatment conditions in multi-component and multi-phase systems using Langer-Schwartz theory and the Kampmann-Wagner numerical approach. TC-PRISMA extends the functionality... Read more »