Stahl Specialty Company

111 East Pacific Street
Kingsville, MO 64061

About Stahl Specialty Company

Stahl Specialty Company is one of the largest permanent mold aluminum foundries in the country.

Our foundries are located in Kingsville and Warrensburg, Missouri. (50 miles southeast of Kansas City)

The combined facilities covers approximately eleven acres under roof. The 650 employees ship over 35,000,000 pounds of aluminum castings per year.

Our services include engineering, electronic communications, tool room, foundry, heat treatment, metallurgical, process control, production machining, and we are ISO-14001/ISO-9002/TS-16949 Certified.

Stahl Specialty is a unique supplier offering customers a single point of contact for tooling, castings, heat treatment, machining and engineering services. Stahl specializes in large, complex, machined castings and can produce parts ranging from 0.5 pounds up to 280 pounds. Stahl Specialty is a leading supplier to the automotive and heavy truck industries and supplies aluminum castings for marine, construction, food and agricultural industry applications.

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