CANopen Brushless Servo Amplifiers establish a new benchmark in versatility

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CANopen is a robust and low cost serial protocol that offers enhanced diagnostic and control capabilities with reasonable bandwidth. Advanced Motion Controls’ DigiFlex® Performance™ drives follow the CiA DS301 communications profile and the CiA DS402 device profile. 

The DigiFlex® Performance™ panel and pcb mount servo drives offer full tuning control of all servo loops and are designed for distributed or centralized servo systems.  These servo drives utilize CANopen® communication and are commissioned with AMC’s user friendly DriveWare® Software via an RS-232 interface. 

AMC’s CANopen DigiFlex® Performance™ drives features:

·        Standardized object set and device profiles specific to motion control

·        Centralized control reduces bus traffic

·        1M bit/sec max speed

·        130 ms message time

·        Close to 1 kHz servo drive update rate possible

·        Readily available 3rd party peripheral hardware for different platforms


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