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  • Minitom

    Small, table top, low speed precision cut-off machine for delicate cutting of all materials. The ideal precision cut-off machine for small laboratories. Read More
  • Abramin

    Abramin Microprocessor controlled tabletop machine for automatic grinding and polishing. Data memory for each of 8 different preparation steps, which can be combined according to choice. 3-12 specimens of all types of materials can be prepared quickly and with high reproducibility. Read More
  • AbraPlan-20

    Powerful and fast plane grinding machine ideal for laboratories carrying out quality control testing of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens. One AbraPlan-20 can provide enough work for 2 or 3 polishing machines, or act as a pre-grinder for the fully automatic MAPS... Read More
  • AbraPol-20

    An automatic, floor-based grinding and polishing machine that is perfect for laboratories performing quality control testing of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens. With variable speed on both disc and holder sensitive materials can be prepared at slow speeds whereas tough... Read More
  • Accutom-5

    Precision table top cut-off machine for precise and deformation-free cutting. Equipped with sample rotation or oscillation. Pre-set constant feed speed in the range of 0.005 - 3.00 mm/s. Variable wheel speed up to 3,000 rpm, positioning accuracy of 5 µm, and adjustable force limit. Read More
  • Accutom-50

    Accutom-50 Precision table top cut-off machine and grinding machine for precise and deformation-free cutting. Equipped with sample rotation or oscillation. Pre-set constant feed speed in the range of 0.005 - 3.00 mm/s. Read More
  • Acrylic resins

    Resins with short curing times and moderate shrinkage. The all-round materialographic resins. Read More
  • Adjustable support blocks

    Suitable for e.g. crankshafts Turnable, horizontally and vertically adjustable Height adjustment range: 60-80 mm, 80-100 or 100-120 mm using three different crowns Two versions: Mounted on base plate or mounted on T-nut for direct insertion into T-slot Read More
  • Anvils

    Struers offers a wide variety support anvils and clamping devices to suit different sample geometries and applications. For optimal support of flat, round and cylindrical samples. Flat anvils up to 600 x 400 mm. V-anvils for direct testing on cylindrical and round samples up to Ø250 mm dia.... Read More
  • Axitom-5

    Axitom-5, the fully automatic cut-off machine, designed for maximum user-friendliness. With its very large cutting table and easy to use controls, Axitom-5 is ideal for production environments. The spacious cutting chamber is equipped with two automatic cutting tables. The x-table for serial... Read More
  • Chain spanner

    For clamping of large, irregularly shaped workpieces Anchor block for retaining chain Available in 12 mm T-nut version Read More
  • CitoDoser

    The advantages of CitoDoser are faster filling (of the mounting unit), and less spilling. CitoDoser lets the user dose a preset amount of resin by pushing a single key. Each dosing unit has a unique electronic tag, by which CitoPress recognises it and automatically retrieves the method last... Read More
  • CitoPress-10 / 1

    The CitoPress-10 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic, programmable single cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-10 offers total process control and database facilities. The CitoPress-1 is an automatic mounting press. The electro-hydraulic pump eliminates hand pumping. Read More
  • CitoPress-20

    The CitoPress-20 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic programmable dual cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-20 offers total process control, database facilities and synchronous or independent operation of both cylinders. Read More
  • CitoVac

    CitoVac is very user friendly and has a large vacuum chamber for many or big specimens. Main features Easy filling of mounting cups - No mess Large vacuum chamber User-friendly operation Good overview Disposable consumables Read More
  • Clamping Tool for bolts and fasteners

    For longitudinal sectioning of bolts and fasteners Complete with tungsten carbide tipped cut-off wheel support Clamping range: 4-12 mm For 8 mm T-slots (Secotom) Read More
  • Cooling System

    Main features and advantages Modular system – for easy and flexible system upgrades Pumps and tanks available in two sizes – select sizes according to needs Available with band filter or static filter – choose according to the amount of debris from the cutting or preparation... Read More
  • Cutting Accessories

    Adjustable cutting table (manual) for Discotom-6 for cutting plane parallel sections. Quick-clamping devices for 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot cutting tables. Vertical clamping systems for 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot cutting tables. Advanced modular system for the supply of cooling water on... Read More
  • DiaDuo

    DiaDuo is a diamond suspension and cooling lubricant combined into one product. The ratio of diamonds and lubricant has been selected carefully, and is based on many years of experience at Struers. You will therefore never overdose the expensive diamonds. Since only one product has to be... Read More
  • Diamond Suspension for Water Sensistive Materials

    DP-Suspension A, is a high quality alcohol based suspension. With a water content of less than 0.5 % w/w even very hygroscopic materials can be prepared without any attack of sensitive phases. Water sensitive phases appear in many different kinds of materials. Examples of these phases are... Read More
  • DiaPro

    DiaPro is a new line of diamond suspensions, specially developed for extra-high performance with Struers grinding and polishing surfaces, which improves your efficiency significantly. Each DiaPro suspension has been developed and optimised for a specific surface, and the results are... Read More
  • Discoplan-TS

    Discoplan-TS is a precision cutting and grinding machine for mineralogical, petrographic and ceramic thin sections. The left side of the machine has a table with a diamond cut-off wheel and holders for initial cutting and resectioning of the specimen. The right side has a diamond cup... Read More
  • Discotom-6

    Very powerful, universal, and high performance cut-off machine. It is an automatic and manual machine in one making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Electronic feed speed reduction ensures excellent cutting results. Read More
  • Discotom-60/-65

    Discotom-60/-65 successfully combine the newest cutting technologies with unprecedented flexibility and user friendliness. Combined automatic and manual cut-off machine for 300 mm cut-off wheels. The spindle speed ranges from 1000-3000 rpm and makes it possible for customers dealing with many... Read More
  • Discs for Magnetic Fixation

    Polishing Discs and Wet grinding Discs - comes in sizes 200, 250 and 300 mm dia. Read More
  • DP-Paste

    DP-Paste is the pioneer of diamond products - a mixture of diamonds in a soft wax which is easily worked into the cloth. Read More
  • DP-Spray

    DP-Spray is also a very good solution because its carrier evaporates very quickly, allowing the diamonds to provide an aggressive cutting action and a fast material removal. Read More
  • DP-Stick

    DP-Stick is a further development of DP-Paste - a similar product, but far easier to apply to the cloth. Read More
  • DP-Suspension

    Suspension is the most versatile form because it can be used in fully automatic dosing systems as well as manually. Automatic preparation including automatic dosing of diamond suspension is the best way to achieve excellent preparation results with optimal reproducibility. Struers DP-Suspensions... Read More
  • Drying

    Drybox-2 is a suitable apparatus for drying of single specimens, specimen holders and for curing of cold mounted specimens. The Drybox-2 is equipped with a blower with heating element that provides airflow continuously variable from 40°C to 90°C. Read More
  • DuraJet

    High-end Rockwell hardness testing machine with separate LCD touch screen display. With network integration possibilities. Load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Vertical test head and fixed table for optimal stability. Capable of testing all Rockwell methods, Plastics... Read More
  • Duramin-1 & Duramin-2

    Micro indentation hardness testers, equipped with electronic dual-line filar measuring unit and LCD touch-pad for easy parameter entry and display of results. Load range: 10-2000 gf. Read More
  • Duramin-A2500E

    Fully automatic Universal Hardness Tester capable of testing Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop (HK1), and Ball Indentation. Based on load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Completely automatic test cycles eliminating operator influence. Automatic XY-table and motorised... Read More
  • DuraScan

    DuraScan NEW Hardness testing system with unique test load range from 10 gf to 10 kgf, covering many applications. Fully automatic test cycles and hardness evaluation ensure the highest repeatability and reproducibility. The optional overview camera makes it easy to select starting points and... Read More
  • Ecos Software for Hardness Testing

    Some non-PC operated hardness testers or testers without integrated PC can via the network be connected to a stand alone PC for improved data management and traceability. Read More
  • e-Education

    Struers on-line education programme Step-by-step e-Education combined with hands-on lab training Improve your theoretical knowledge in all aspects of materialography by enrolling in Struers’ Basic Materialography course, now available on-line. This popular course provides students with... Read More
  • Electrolytical Preparation

    Apparatus for automatic, micro-processor controlled electrolytical polishing and etching of metallographic specimens. With a scanning function for easy determinations of parameters, built-in safety features, and a database with methods for various materials, short polishing times and maximum... Read More
  • Epoxy resins

    Resins with virtually no shrinkage. Epoxy resins can be used for vacuum impregnation. Read More
  • e-Training

    Struers on-line Training programme Step-by step e-Training - Practical Help right when You Need It Brush up your knowledge or introduce new employees to the product equipment whenever convenient by enrolling in Struers’ e-Training modules. Struers e-Training is on-line training modules... Read More
  • Exotom-150

    Sturdy cut-off machine designed for the production environment. High cutting power and a spacious and accessible cutting chamber makes Exotom-150 ideal for cutting large items or large volume production. The unique ExciCut feature means fast and cold cutting, less wear on the cut-off wheel and... Read More
  • Fine Grinding Consumables

    Single specimen preparation is usually started with fine grinding. Fine grinding must remove the deformation existing from cutting or plane grinding and produce a surface that is ready for polishing. Choosing the correct fine grinding materials is vitally important to ensure fast and economical... Read More
  • Furniture

    For equipment and recirculation cooling unit. Read More
  • HandyDoser

    The doser can be used with any hot mounting press to make resin dosing as simple and convenient as possible. No spoons or funnels are required any more, and dosing the right volume becomes really easy. Since there is less mess, cleaning of the hot mounting press is reduced to a... Read More
  • Hot Cell System

    To meet the growing demand for equipment specially designed for the preparation of radioactive materials Struers has designed a complete range of sturdy and reliable equipment, which can be operated in hot cells. The equipment operates and is controlled just like the standard models and... Read More
  • Hot Mounting Consumables

    When the requirements are high preparation quality, uniform size and shape, and short process times, hot mounting is ideal. Hot mounting is carried out using a mounting press where the sample is placed in a mounting cylinder together with the appropriate mounting resin. A temperature of around... Read More
  • Indenters for Hardness Testing

    Indenters for Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, Rockwell. Certified and uncertified. Some indenters available with exchangeable balls (Brinell, Rockwell). Read More
  • Jaw blocks

    For use with Struers’ Quick clamping tools. Optimum clamping in three versions: Grooved: for generally improved grip of workpieces Rubber: for e.g. pressure sensitive workpieces Prism: angled to press workpiece downwards Read More
  • Labotom-3

    Table top cut-off machine for manual cutting of metallographic specimens. Quick clamping device allows for easy fixation of very irregular shapes on the T-slot cutting table. The cutting handle can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator. Flush hose for easy cleaning is included. Read More
  • Levelling device

    Levelling device for levelling of specimens in specimen holders 140, 160 and 200 mm dia. Without pressure foot for positioning of specimens. Read More
  • Lubricants

    Cooling and lubricating liquids for fine grinding and diamond polishing. Read More
  • M4R - Rockwell Tester

    High-end Rockwell hardness testing machine with LCD touch screen display. Built-in PC, with network integration possibilities. Load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Capable of testing all Rockwell methods, Plastics Testing acc. to ISO 2039-1 (Ball Indentation... Read More
  • M4R-CHD - CHD-Testing Machine

    Load cell based hardness testing machine for automatic determination of Case Hardness Depth (CHD) with one single indent, and without destruction of the workpiece. Capable of testing all Rockwell methods as well as Plastics Testing (ISO 2039/ASTM D785). Load Range: 3-750 kgf. Available with... Read More
  • M4R-Jom - Jominy Testing Machine

    Fully automatic Rockwell hardness testing machine. Load cell based with motorised XY-stage and motorised Z-axis. Suitable for fully automatic Jominy Testing (end quench testing). PC-operated. Capable of testing all Rockwell methods, Plastics Testing acc. to ISO 2039-1 (Ball Indentation Hardness)... Read More
  • M4U/M5U

    Universal hardness testers with mat screen, capable of testing Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop (HK1), and Ball Indentation. Based on load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. PC and Software integration possibilities. Optional 5-position turret for multiple indenters and... Read More
  • M5C

    High-end Universal Hardness Tester capable of testing Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell and Ball Indentation. Based on load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Completely automatic test cycles eliminating operator influence. Built-in PC with software and network integration... Read More
  • MAPS

    Struers Modular Automatic Preparation System (MAPS) is by far the most ambitious preparation system to date - a modular system for fully automatic materialographic preparation of any number of specimens from plane grinding to final cleaning and drying. The system is composed of one or more... Read More
  • Marking & Engraving

    For marking metallographic specimens and for the engraving of all materials. The Engraver is standardly equipped with a tip for marking most metals and glass. An extra hard point can be delivered for universal use for engraving of all materials. The handling of the Engraver is very... Read More
  • MD-Allegro

    Fine grinding of materials harder than HV150 is carried out in one step on MD-Allegro using DP-Suspension or DP-Spray. MD-Allegro is a composite disc that replaces several grinding steps on SiC-Paper by one single step. MD-Allegro provides a high material removal rate, perfect planeness and... Read More
  • MD-Cloths

    MD-Cloths™ are available in a variety of naps and materials for all final polishing procedures. Each cloth has a thin metallic backing that adheres to the MD-Disc, eliminating the need to have separate platens for each step of the polishing process. They eliminate the risk of trapped air bubbles... Read More
  • MD-Disc

    MD-Disc™ is the supporting disc for all preparation surfaces. It is equipped with a very strong magnetic layer and is machined precisely to provide the strongest possible magnetic attraction. One disc is sufficient to support all preparation surfaces, so both space an money can be saved! Read More
  • MD-Fuga

    MD-Fuga™ is a metal disc with an adhesive layer on one side. The adhesive layer is designed to hold SiC grinding papers safely during preparation, while at the same time allowing for easy removal after the completion of the preparation step. More than 50 pieces of grinding paper can be used on... Read More
  • MD-Gekko

    The surface of MD-Gekko consists of a unique high friction foil that makes consumables with a non-adhesive, glossy backing stick very well, yet at the same time very easy to remove again. Furthermore, self-adhesive consumables also stick safely but can be removed effortlessly without leaving... Read More
  • MD-Largo

    Fine grinding of soft materials in the HV 40-150 hardness range is carried out in one step on MD-Largo using DP-Suspension or DP-Spray. MD-Largo is a composite disc that replaces several grinding steps on SiC-Paper by one single step. MD-Largo provides a high material removal rate, perfect... Read More
  • MD-Piano

    MD-Piano™ is a fixed abrasive disc with resin bonded diamonds for plane and fine grinding of materials >150 HV and offers high, constant removal over its entire lifetime. It now features a new bar-pattern (on grit 80, 120 and 220) providing more uniform disc wear, and so extended, long lifetime... Read More
  • MD-Primo

    MD-Primo™ is a SiC embedded disc designed for plane grinding materials in the HV 40-250 hardness range. Like MD-Piano, MD-Primo features a long-lasting surface for optimal material removal at a constant rate. Its unique abrasive surface has the service life of about 60 pieces of SiC-Paper. Read More
  • Microelectronics and Controlled Material Removal (CMR)

    Controlled Material Removal (CMR) is our term for removal of a specific volume of material from the sample surface. For individual samples e.g. Accustop can be used, which is a holder specifically designed for controlled removal of material. Our high volume grinder/polishers MAPS, AbraPol-20... Read More
  • Multidoser

    An automatic dosing unit for the supply of DP-Suspension, Lubricant and OP Suspension. The constant supply of diamond and lubricant guarantees the most reproducible results. Read More
  • N3A/N3D - Rockwell Bench Tester

    Bench-top Rockwell hardness tester with analogue display (N3A) or with digital display and network/ PC/Software integration possibilities (N3D). Loads available: 5/13.5/15/30/31.25/36.5/45/60/ 62.5/98/100/150/187.5 kgf. Test Methods: Rockwell, Plastics Testing acc. to ISO 2039-1 (Ball... Read More
  • N4 - Portable Testing Clamp

    Portable hardness tester N4 for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, HVT, HBT and Ball Indentation Hardness Testing (ISO 2039-1) 4 different models for different sample sizes: - 0-20 mm (N4E) - 0-145 mm (N4A) - 0-235 mm (N4B) - 0-335 mm (N4C) Read More
  • N6 - Intest Hardness Tester

    Portable hardness tester N6 for hardness measurement of bores and internal diameters Possible sample dimensions: Ø36 to 110 mm dia. Read-out in HRC Read More
  • N7 - Portable Hardness Tester for Tooth Flanks

    Portable hardness tester N7 for hardness measurement of tooth flanks and gears Read-out in HRC Max. tooth measurement width: - 140 mm (N7F) - 700 mm (N7P) Read More
  • Objective Lenses for Hardness Testing

    In order to obtain optimally sized Vickers, Knoop and Brinell indents on the screen, it is important that suitable objectives lenses are chosen. The selection of objective lenses depends on the material hardness and the test method used. Read More
  • Parallel cutting table

    For cutting uniform slices with accurate and fast repositioning workpiece 10 mm T-slots. For use with Discotom-60/-65 140 x 265 mm cutting table. Positioning range: 60 mm Detachable handle Read More
  • Plane Grinding Consumables

    The grinding process always begins with plane grinding. Plane grinding ensures that the surfaces of all specimens are in the same condition before the preparation continues, and that the surfaces of all specimens in a specimen holder are at exactly the same level. Relatively coarse abrasives... Read More
  • Polishing Cloths

    To remove deformations from fine grinding and obtain a surface that is highly reflective, the specimens must be polished before they can be examined under the microscope. Polishing is carried out on cloths of differing resilience with different abrasives. Two processes are available: Diamond... Read More
  • Prepamatic-2

    Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled machine for the preparation of all kinds of materials from plane grinding to cleaning and drying. Prepamatic-2 is especially well-suited for laboratories where high reproducibility is essential, and laboratories handling difficult specimens of a... Read More
  • Quick clamping tools

    For cutting of workpieces with various uniform geometries e.g. shafts, where quick relocation is required Low build height for greater cutting flexibility Available in 8, 10 and 12 mm T-nut versions Stainless steel jaws and base plate Read More
  • RotoPol-35/PdM-Force-20

    RotoPol-35 is a strong grinding and polishing machine for 300 mm diameter discs. With variable speed from 40 to 600 rpm, it is possible to carry out grinding, lapping and polishing processes, including final polishing with oxide polishing suspensions. PdM-Force-20 is a semi-automatic... Read More
  • Secotom-1

    For manual cutting of PC Boards or sectioning of all other types of thin plates of materials which can be cut with a resin or metal-bonded diamond cut-off wheel. Large cutting table and easy to adjust guide rail allows for a variety of shapes and sizes of PC Boards to be sectioned. Read More
  • Secotom-10

    The most universal precision cut-off machine in the Struers line. Extreme flexibility from quality demanding to high throughput cutting jobs, and from very soft to very hard materials. High quality cutting of both small and large samples on one cut-off machine, including PCBs and other thin... Read More
  • Selection of Cut-off Wheels

    If you know the material hardness, click on the graphic to the right to select a cut-off wheel no. The hardness (HV) is shown on the left. Find the hardness of the material, then move to the right until you cross the column with the correct wheel definition. Every wheel covers a certain... Read More
  • SiC Foil

    SiC Foil is based on a strong PET film that and due to its glossy surface it sticks safely to MD-Gekko. It can easily be removed and re-applied if not worn. Contrary to SiC Paper, the SiC Foil does not wrinkle or wrap when wet, it is completely stable and much stronger than traditional paper.... Read More
  • Sliding rail kit

    Even when using the extension arm, it is sometimes impossible to get the vertical clamping tool into a position allowing reliable clamping. With the sliding rail the range of a vertical clamping tool is extended by up to 145 mm. The sliding rail kit comes complete with a detachable 12 mm... Read More
  • Specimen holders

    Specimen holders for all shapes Struers offers a wide range of specimen holders for clamping of 3 or more mounted or unmounted specimens. All kinds of shapes of specimens can be clamped. Read More
  • Specimen Mover Plates

    For RotoForce-4 and Pedemat, for Accustop. For grinding of 3 specimens with Accustop Specimen Holder For clamping of 3 or more mounted or unmounted specimens. All kinds of shapes of specimens can be clamped. Read More
  • Storage

    Disc storage cabinet - dustproof Read More
  • Test Blocks for Hardness Testing

    Certified test blocks for Vickers, Knoop, Brinell and Rockwell. Available in steel and aluminium. Please state desired hardness and method when inquiring or ordering. Read More
  • The LaboSystem

    Grinding, lapping and polishing machines for manual or automatic preparation of materialographic specimens. Specimen movers for semi-automatic preparation of materialographic specimens on LaboPol grinding and polishing machines. Read More
  • The TegraSystem

    The TegraSystem is designed as a flexible modular system, which you can combine to fulfil your specific needs. Use a single element or several. Expand and adapt the modules to meet your developing needs. With the TegraSystem you will gain the benefits of reproducibility, efficiency and network... Read More
  • TriPlus Dosing System

    Manual dosing system with three units. For DiaDuo diamond suspension or DP-Lubricant. It is placed directly on the table and can be adjusted in height 240 - 340 mm. Read More
  • T-slot turntable

    Turnable T-slot table for angular cutting 0-90 degree angle Available in 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot version Table height 42 mm Suitable for angular cutting of e.g. tubes. The T-slot table accommodates all of our clamping tools. Read More
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

    For effective ultrasonic cleaning of metallographic, ceramic, and mineralogical specimens. The series consists of three versions: Designed for single specimens are the Metason 60T and Metason 120T with timer, and designed for specimen holders and single specimens is the Metason 200HT with... Read More
  • Unitom-2

    Unitom-2 is a powerful manual cut-off machine for at wide range of applications. Unitom-2 is very easy to operate making it suitable for laboratory as well as production use. Read More
  • V4/V5

    High-end Universal Hardness Tester capable of testing Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop (HK1), and Ball Indentation. Based on load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Completely automatic test cycles eliminating operator influence. Built-in PC with software and network... Read More
  • Vertical clamping tools

    The vertical clamping tool is an invaluable tool for clamping of irregular samples. Multi-purpose clamping tool for irregular workpieces Max clamping height: 58 mm or 105 mm with optional riser block Set of Swivel Shoes for optimum hold (option) Arm extension: Adds 90 mm reach... Read More
  • VR5C - Universal Hardness Tester with Built-in Milling Station

    Universal hardness tester with high resolution camera, LCD-touch screen display and fully automatic image analysis acc. to standards. Can be directly integrated in production line for full automatic in-line testing. Capable of testing Brinell (HBW), HBT, Rockwell A (HRA) and Rockwell C... Read More
  • Wupty

    Wupty is an accessory tool for pressing mounts out of FixiForm. Wupty can only be used with FixiForm, as the handles are used to secure it while pressing the mount out. When using Wupty, the mount is pressed carefully out of FixiForm and the lifetime of the mounting cup is thus increased. No... Read More
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