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Products by HITEC Sensor Developments

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  • Custom Load Cells

    Our design and manufacturing capabilities result in a custom load cell that is all yours. We have qualified machining vendors available at moments’ notice as well as an in-house machining department. Capacities are yours to choose and in-house NIST traceable calibration is available. Our custom... Read More
  • Design & Manufacturing

    Designing a strain gage based transducer is more of a talent than an engineering process. Our transducer design team has over 20 years of experience and can leverage years of experience from real world applications. We are ready to jump in at any stage during your transducer life: at the... Read More
  • Force & Load Sensors

    Our expertise applies foil and semi‐conductor strain gage skill to create one‐of‐a kind custom transducers for converting mechanical forces into electrical signals for measuring forces integrated from various strain locations. Sensor choice and transducer material are key elements of design... Read More
  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure transducers provide an electrical output proportional to applied pressure and are used in a wide variety of industries for controlling and monitoring. Pressure transducers can also indirectly generate electrical signals for measuring altitude, flow, level and leak testing. Important... Read More
  • Strain gage installation service

    At your design phase, HITEC as the strain gage transducer expertise to design an OEM transducer or custom load cell to fit your needs complemented by our production capabilities to build and stock your transducers to fit your medical equipment production needs. Transducers have been designed to... Read More
  • Torque Sensors

    A torque sensor translates a torsional mechanical output into an electrical output signal. Our Engineering and manufacturing teams can design and assemble a turn‐key, ready to install torque transducer solution. Torque measurement characteristic considerations include: - Measurement range -... Read More

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