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  • X25 - Compact & Efficient By North Star Imaging

    The X25 is well suited for small to medium sized objects while offering the same features as the larger systems and still maintaining the ability to fit through a standard interior door. Read More
  • X3000 - Dynamic & Precise By North Star Imaging

    The X3000 is our newest X-ray system. It is the best option for customers needing a compact system with unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system. Read More
  • X5000 - Universal & Flexible By North Star Imaging

    The X5000 is the most versatile system offered by North Star Imaging. The system has a large scanning envelope and the capability of easily loading sizable objects while still maintaining the ability to inspect very small items. Read More
  • X7000 Large Component X-ray System By North Star Imaging

    Modular and robust, the X7000 is North Star Imaging’s largest standard system. The optional independent horizontal (x-axis) travel of the tube and detector allow for unparalleled inspection capabilities of an elongated object. The system is great for composites, castings, pipes, tubes, welds and... Read More
  • XLNCE SMX-BEN XRF Analyzer By EDAX Inc

    The XLNCE SMX-BEN is a benchtop Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzer that provides non-destructive, composition and coating thickness measurement and analysis on virtually all materials. It is an excellent choice for R&D, process development, process control, and failure... Read More
  • X-ray and EUV Optics Products By Rigaku

    One mission of Rigaku's Innovative Technology division is to be the world's best in producing X-ray and neutron multilayer coatings, optics, and instruments. Development of innovative solutions that address the needs of X-ray instrument designers and users, production of high quality performance... Read More
  • XRay Powder Diffraction (XRD) (XRPD) – Powder Diffraction Pattern By H&M Analytical Services

    Xray powder diffraction is one of the most useful analytical tools for material analysis. Whether you are analyzing metals, polymers, semiconductors, geological samples or pharmaceuticals, XRD can provide useful information based upon the powder diffraction pattern. Among the most common... Read More
  • X-ray Residual Stress and Retained Austenite Testing Equipment By Stresstech Oy

    Equipment based on X-ray diffraction and hole-drilling are offered for measuring residual stresses and retained austenite contents. X-ray stress analyzer (X-ray diffractometer) Xstress 3000 measures the stresses imposed on crystallite material by X-ray, based on the phenomenon known as Braggs... Read More
  • XRD Residual Stress Measurement Equipment By Proto Manufacturing

    Residual stress affects crack initiation and propagation, fatigue life, stress corrosion cracking and distortion. For over 20 years, Proto Manufacturing has been providing both measurement services and equipment for measuring residual stress in metal components. Proto's leading edge x-ray... Read More
  • XRDWIN 2.0 Software By Proto Manufacturing

    Our Powerful X-ray Diffraction Software Package XRDWin 2.0 is an extremely powerful, yet easy to operate software package for our line of XRD instruments. One stop shopping for residual stress measurement, retained austenite measurement, pole figures, x-ray elastic constant determination and... Read More