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  • Package Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ Testing Laboratory provides package testing services for a variety of package test standards including ISTA, ASTM, and FedEx. When you need to simulate shipment or transport of product, we can help. Refer to the list below for a few of the more common package testing specifications. Read More
  • Packaging Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Packaging systems can pose challenging problems for manufacturers. We solve complex problems with cartons, cans, bottles, pouches, vials, bags, and more. We've helped manufacturers in the research and development phases, as well as trouble-shooting finished products. Our comprehensive... Read More
  • Paragon HT-10D Digital Furnace By Paragon Industries, L.P.

    The Paragon HT-10D laboratory furnace is 8.5 inch wide x 9 inch deep x 8.75 inch inside. The maximum temperature is 2000F / 1093C. Read More
  • Parallel cutting table By Struers Incorporated

    For cutting uniform slices with accurate and fast repositioning workpiece 10 mm T-slots. For use with Discotom-60/-65 140 x 265 mm cutting table. Positioning range: 60 mm Detachable handle Read More
  • Particle Analysis By H&M Analytical Services

    Three types of instruments are available for particle size and morphological analysis, depending on the material, the size range and the sample structure. These methods include Horiba light scattering, size broadening by X-ray diffraction, and direct observation on a scanning electron... Read More
  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis By Particle Technology Labs

    A Particle Size Distribution analysis (PSD) is a measurement designed to determine and report information about the size and range of a set of particles representative of a material. Particle size and distribution analysis of a sample can be performed using a variety of techniques, each with... Read More
  • Patent Infringement Analysis By IEC & Associates

    IEC & Associates can assist your organization in all facets of patent analysis, infringement determination, product teardowns, reverse engineering and expert witness services to provide a one-stop resource tailored to reduce the cost, time and complexity of the analysis process. Always following... Read More
  • PAXcam 5 Digital Microscope Camera By McCrone Microscopes & Accessories

    PAXcam is a feature-packed, high-resolution digital microscope camera. Combine its incredibly easy-to-use interface, spectacular high-resolution image capturing, unmatched PAX-it image database software with an unbelievable price and you will see why this digital microscope camera is a must-have... Read More
  • PAXcam Digital Microscope Cameras By PAX-it / PAXcam

    PAXcam (, a family of USB2 scientific-grade digital microscope cameras. Available in 7 different resolutions for many different applications. Live Measurement allows for measurement on the live PAXcam preview (no image capture required), used often in weld analysis, failure... Read More
  • PAX-it Image Analysis Software By PAX-it / PAXcam

    PAX-it Image Analysis Software ( is a robust imaging software package for databasing of digital images. Fully integrated software enables quick report generation, image processing. Manual measurements and image analysis including automatic particle counts and area fractioning,... Read More
  • PCTPro E&E By Setaram, Inc.

    A fully automated Sieverts instrument for measuring gas (CO2, CH4, C2H6, N2) sorption properties of materials The PCTPro-E&E is a fully automated Sieverts instrument for measuring gas sorption properties of materials. It is particularly suited for all kinds of study in the fast growing... Read More
  • Peel Adhesion Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Packaging is mainly for the protection or preservation of contents—from physical damage or contamination and may experience wide variations in temperature from manufacturer to end user. Increasingly, it is designed to open easily by peeling rather than tearing. However, when peelable seals are... Read More
  • PETPlus instrument for intrinsic viscosty (IV) measurement of PET By Lloyd Instruments Ltd.

    The unique Davenport PETPlus intrinic viscosity measurement instrument from Lloyd Instruments is a ground-breaking alternative to the costly and hazardous solvent method for testing PET. The PETPlus is designed to determine the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of PET using safe testing methods at... Read More

    The PF900 ramp soak ¼ DIN process controller stores up to 1024 segments (32 patterns by 32 segments). A new RSS (ramp soak stabilizer) algorithm suppresses overshoot at the transition time from ramp to soak. Select from a sampling speed of 0.05 sec. for better control resolution or 1/0.25 a... Read More
  • Physical Measurements By Particle Technology Labs

    The flowability characteristic of a powder is directly related to both the physical properties of the material itself, as well as the specific processing conditions in the handling system. Consequently, for such a complex system, a “single number” used to describe the flow of a powder may not... Read More
  • Physical Properties Testing By Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc.

    WMT&R has the experience and capabilities to test the physical properties of composite materials. Physical properties testing is a growing segment of composites testing at WMT&R. This testing includes: Resin/Fiber/Void Content (ASTM D3171), as well as Hardness, Water Absorption, Density/Specific... Read More
  • Physical Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services tests the physical properties of materials in order to solve difficult problems. Core capabilities of physical testing include: •Elongation • Izod impact • Melt flow rate • Tensile testing • Density •Compression •Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Chemir offers... Read More
  • piD-TECH® eVx Photoionization Detector By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    The piD-TECH® eVx family of photoionization detectors offers the latest in technology and upgrades without compromising the award winning features that make the piD-TECH line of sensors the best choice for OEM Manufacturers. Providing better value, design flexibility and lower detection limits.... Read More
  • PIVS-6-100 , 6mm Manual Push Inspection Videoscope By USA Borescopes

    Portable push camera system with a 6mm diameter tip and a long 100 foot insertion probe. The video camera head is flexible and is supplied with bright LED lighting. Ideal for pipelines, ducts, drains or sewer inspections. Features •6mm Diameter Camera •100 ft Working Length Probe •7″ TFT lcd... Read More
  • Plane Grinding Consumables By Struers Incorporated

    The grinding process always begins with plane grinding. Plane grinding ensures that the surfaces of all specimens are in the same condition before the preparation continues, and that the surfaces of all specimens in a specimen holder are at exactly the same level. Relatively coarse abrasives... Read More
  • Plastics Testing By IMR Test Labs

    Exceptional polymer analysis and non-metallic testing with your requirements in mind. The Polymer Analysis Department, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for polymer analysis and characterization, is supported by numerous resources, capable of evaluating routine materials to complex... Read More
  • Plate - Special Purpose Metals and Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    If you need specialty metals or alloys plate for electronics, magnetic, electrical, or other industrial applications, call Ed Fagan Inc. We stock a variety of plate products in various metals and alloys in a range of sizes and conditions. Let them be your warehouse so you can cut back on your... Read More
  • PLI Liquid Level Indicator By Class Instrumentation Ltd

    The PLI Portable Liquid Level gauge is designed to offer a simple, accurate, rapid and reliable method of determining the liquid level of CO2, Halon, FM200, Propane and any liquefied gas under pressure, without having to weigh the cylinders. It will also indicate the level of oil or water in a... Read More
  • PNR 12 Penetrometer By Petrolab Company

    Petrolab Company offers the Petrotest® PNR 12 Penetrometer that utilizes a fully automatic surface detection system. The instrument offers two surface detection technologies—force measurement and conductivity—that can be used together or independently to precisely position the test probe,... Read More
  • Polishing Cloths By Struers Incorporated

    To remove deformations from fine grinding and obtain a surface that is highly reflective, the specimens must be polished before they can be examined under the microscope. Polishing is carried out on cloths of differing resilience with different abrasives. Two processes are available: Diamond... Read More
  • Polymer Lab Services By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    NSL’s experience with polymeric materials includes analysis and testing of catalysts, thermal stabilizers, fillers, and pigments in polymers and composite materials. NSL polymer testing lab offers its customers the expertise required to help solve a wide variety of polymer and composite... Read More
  • Polymer Testing By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    The hardness of polymers is measured by the Shore Durometer Test at LTI, in accordance with ASTM D2240. This method determines a material’s hardness value or resistance to indentation by penetration of an indenter into the test sample. Because the flexibility of polymers varies, LTI is equipped... Read More
  • PolyVISC® AIRBATH® Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Dilute Solution Viscosity of Polymers in Organic Solvents and Aqueous Solutions to 135 °C ASTM D789, ASTM D1243, ASTM D1601, ASTM D1795, ASTM D2857, ASTM D... FEATURES & BENEFITS PolyVISC® is a fully automated, benchtop capillary viscometer with an 11 position sample handler for... Read More
  • Portable Digital Surface Roughness Tester TIME®3221 By Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    TIME3221 Surface Roughness Tester is a high cost-effective surface measurement device. Separated driver makes it easier and more flexible to approach different surfaces. Touch screen. Measuring range reaches 400μm to test curved surface. Features ● Separated design, mini driver easy and... Read More
  • Portable Systems and Instrumentation By Innerspec

    Innerspec has created a line of high-power ultrasonic instruments, software, and EMAT & Specialty Sensors and Accessories to conduct a wide range of inspections using off-the-shelf components. Read More
  • PORTASPEC (R) By Cianflone Scientific LLC.

  • PosiTector 200 By DeFelsko Corporation

    PosiTector 200 Coating Thickness Gage for wood and concrete DeFelsko Corporation The PosiTector 200 coating thickness gage for wood, concrete and more has just been redesigned to include new features, new measurement ranges and the ability to measure up to 3 individual layer thicknesses in a... Read More
  • PosiTector 6000 By DeFelsko Corporation

    Announcing New Removable Built-in Probe for the PosiTector 6000 DeFelsko Corporation The American made PosiTector 6000 is widely used for measuring the dry film thickness of paint and other protective coatings on all metal substrates. With the addition of a Removable Built-in Probe, now ALL... Read More
  • PosiTest AT Adhesion Tester By DeFelsko Corporation

    The American made PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Tester measures adhesion of coatings to concrete, metal and other rigid substrates and now features an electronically controlled hydraulic pump to apply smooth and continuous pull-off pressure at user-selectable rates. The PosiTest AT-A... Read More
  • Potting & Encapsulation Materials By Master Bond, Inc.

    Master Bond Inc. offers a broad line of potting and encapsulation materials designed to protect electronic circuitry and assemblies from potentially damaging conditions such as moisture, various corrosive chemicals, excessive heat, vibration, mechanical impact, thermal shocks and abrasion which... Read More

    The TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer and dyna-MIX® are used for the homogeneous mixing of powders or different wet components with differing specific weights and particle sizes. The product is mixed in a removable container preventing cross-contamination between batches and dusting when mixing powders.... Read More
  • Pre-Owned Furnaces For Sale By Harper International

    Harper routinely offer quality pre-owned Harper furnaces and kilns for sale. These advanced systems are built for continuous processing at high temperatures for a range of advanced materials. See the webpage below for current offerings and contact us today for more... Read More
  • Prepamatic-2 By Struers Incorporated

    Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled machine for the preparation of all kinds of materials from plane grinding to cleaning and drying. Prepamatic-2 is especially well-suited for laboratories where high reproducibility is essential, and laboratories handling difficult specimens of a... Read More
  • Pressure Sensors By HITEC Sensor Developments

    Pressure transducers provide an electrical output proportional to applied pressure and are used in a wide variety of industries for controlling and monitoring. Pressure transducers can also indirectly generate electrical signals for measuring altitude, flow, level and leak testing. Important... Read More
  • Pressurex By Sensor Products Inc.

    Pressurex® is a unique, affordable and easy to use tool that reveals the distribution and magnitude of pressure between any two contacting, mating or impacting surfaces. pressure indicating sensor film is extremely thin (4 to 8 mils) which enables it to conform to curved surfaces. It is ideal... Read More
  • Prism - Residual stress measurement based on hole-drilling and ESPI By Stresstech Oy

    Prism residual stress is a measurement technology that dramatically improves the ability to make quick, accurate residual stress measurements. The technology utilizes stress-relaxation technique, where a small hole is drilled into the material thus relaxing the stress along the hole boundaries.... Read More
  • Probe System for Life By SemiProbe

    The Probe System for Life (PS4L) is designed based on SemiProbe’s patented adaptive architecture. Unlike traditional systems, all foundation modules – bases, stages, chucks, microscope mounts, microscope movements, optics, manipulators and more - are interchangeable, making the PS4L the... Read More
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) By Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc.

    Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity Inspection & Consulting LTL can help you design and/or perform inspections as part of your mechanical integrity/quality assurance program in accordance with OSHA Regulation 1910.199. Our inspectors are versed in current State and Federal... Read More
  • ProScan™III Motorized Microscope Stage Systems By Prior Scientific, Inc.

    Experience the ultimate advancement in microscope automation with the new compact and modular designed ProScan™III system from Prior Scientific. The ProScan™III system is capable of controlling up to 16 individual stepper motor axes including a motorized stage, focus motor, three filter wheels... Read More
  • Pulse™ Program - Aftermarket Furnace Support By Harper International

    The Pulse™ team of experienced engineers and technical specialists will collaborate with you to identify the optimal replacement parts, design enhancement solution, or service program to meet your needs. We also provide spare parts forecasting for your furnaces and ovens to help eliminate... Read More
  • Pure metals, alloys, ceramics, specialty glasses, polymers, compounds, composites By Goodfellow Corp.

    In the online Goodfellow catalog ( there are over 70,000 products in 28 different forms (shapes) and in 450 different materials, most available for shipment within 48 hours. Included are aluminum, antimony, boron, chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, gold, hafnium, indium,... Read More
  • Pusher Tunnel Furnaces By Harper International

    Harper’s Pusher plate and Tunnel kilns are designed for processes requiring precise control of temperature and atmosphere, ideal for those with longer residence times that require exact control of the heat up rate of the product (temperature profile) and lower gas/solid reaction. Our focus is on... Read More
  • PVRS 2-3.5-1000 By USA Borescopes

    Portable Videoscope 3.5 mm diameter 1 meter of working length (max) 4 inch color screen Image capture and video recording High Resolution CMOS image sensor The portable video borescope provides high-resolution video images that are rich in detail & quality. They allow the user to capture... Read More
  • PWC 34910-108 By USA Borescopes

    PT-6 Fiberscope Inspection Kit This complete kit meets the specifications outlined in the PWC34910-108 kit and includes the fiberscope, rigid sleeve set, light source and PWC34910-200, PWC 34910-400 OR PWC34910-600 guide tube. All enclosed in a custom fitter storage case Read More