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  • D155 Density/Specific Gravity Meter By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Measuring Density, Specific Gravity and API Degrees ASTM D1250, ASTM D1298, ASTM D4052, ASTM D7777 The automated CANNON D155 offers a low-cost, affordable alternative to manual hydrometer methods for measuring density and specific gravity with easy, one button operation. Built-in thermal... Read More
  • Dart Drop Impact Tester By Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.

    Thwing-Albert the dart drop tester is an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument used to measure the impact resistance of plastic film, coated paper and other materials utilizing the free falling dart method. ASTM D1709 - Method A Dart 38.1 mm diameter Drop height .66 m (26... Read More
  • Data Loggers By DeltaTrak, Inc.

    User programmable data loggers provide continuous history of temperature conditions in facilities or during transport of temperature sensitive commodities. Data is downloaded as a secure PDF using CFR 21 Part 11 compliant software, providing graphs as well as summary statistics such as... Read More
  • DEA - Dielectric Analysis for in-situ thermoset cure monitoring By Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

    For investigation of the curing behavior of thermosetting resin systems, composite materials, adhesives and paints, Dielectric Analysis (DEA) in accordance with ASTM E 2038 or E 2039 has stood the test of time. The great advantage of DEA is that it can be employed not only on a laboratory scale,... Read More
  • Deflection Gages (Deflectometers) By Epsilon Technology Corp.

    Widely used for measuring deformations in three and four point bend tests, on compression tests and for a variety of general purpose deformations. These strain gaged devices come with a magnetic base for easy mounting. Read More
  • Deformulation (Reverse Engineering) By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services is the industry leader in the deformulation of products and materials. Also known as reverse engineering, deformulation is the separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a formulation. Our experienced chemists have performed deformulations on... Read More
  • Design & Manufacturing By HITEC Sensor Developments

    Designing a strain gage based transducer is more of a talent than an engineering process. Our transducer design team has over 20 years of experience and can leverage years of experience from real world applications. We are ready to jump in at any stage during your transducer life: at the... Read More
  • DH2 By WESCO

    High-precision Non-contact Depth Measuring Microscope Read More
  • DiaDuo By Struers Incorporated

    DiaDuo is a diamond suspension and cooling lubricant combined into one product. The ratio of diamonds and lubricant has been selected carefully, and is based on many years of experience at Struers. You will therefore never overdose the expensive diamonds. Since only one product has to be... Read More
  • DiaMet Hardness Automation Software By Buehler

    DiaMet is designed with your application and ease of use in mind. Often a high level of Automation comes with a high level of complexity, both in set-up and in operation. DiaMet breaks with that convention and focuses on a fast and simple operation of your hardness test job to satisfy the needs... Read More
  • Diamond Suspension for Water Sensistive Materials By Struers Incorporated

    DP-Suspension A, is a high quality alcohol based suspension. With a water content of less than 0.5 % w/w even very hygroscopic materials can be prepared without any attack of sensitive phases. Water sensitive phases appear in many different kinds of materials. Examples of these phases are... Read More
  • DiaPro By Struers Incorporated

    DiaPro is a new line of diamond suspensions, specially developed for extra-high performance with Struers grinding and polishing surfaces, which improves your efficiency significantly. Each DiaPro suspension has been developed and optimised for a specific surface, and the results are... Read More
  • DICTRA Software By Thermo-Calc Software Inc

    Software for accurate simulation of diffusion controlled reactions in multi-component alloy systems, which is based on numerical solution of the multi-component diffusion equations. Examples of cases that have been simulated using DICTRA include: • Microsegregation during solidification •... Read More
  • Diff-Therm Vacuum Diffusion Pump Heaters By Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.

    Dalton Electric Heating manufacturers stock Diff-Therm heaters for 2" through 48" Diffusion Pumps in over 100 combinations of electrical ratings and casting sizes. We also manufacture Diff-Therm heaters in custom casting dimensions and electrical ratings for use on obsolute and foreign-made... Read More
  • Digital Brinell Hardness Tester TIME®6202 By Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    Features ● Combination of the precise mechanical structure, high accurate pressure transducer, microcomputer control unit of electrical circuit system, innovative closed-loop technology to improve its stability and accuracy. ● Load-cell driven system provides precise control of the test force,... Read More
  • Digital Izod & Charpy Impact Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This machine is designed to determine the rigidity and strength of impact toughness of non-metallic materials. It measures the material absorption energy and impact intensity of the material in the course of breaking. The pendulum weight can be changed to adapt to operator requirements. *... Read More
  • Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester TH717 By Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    Features ● 20 × lens and a 40 × lens the tester enable a wider measurement field and higher accuracy. ● Connected to printer and computer via RS232 interface. ● Easy operation: Auto turret ● The touch LCD screen shows measuring method, test force, diagonal length of indentation, hardness... Read More
  • Digital Microscopes By Leica Microsystems Inc.

    Portable Digital Microscopes for fast, quantitative 2D and 3D Surface Measurements The new generation of Digital Microscopes from Leica Microsystems opens new horizons in mobility and speed to support R&D and Quality Control. Our Microscopes combine high end optics with innovative digital... Read More
  • Dimensional Inspection By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Laboratory Testing Inc. performs dimensional inspection on surface and specialty features of machined products and parts, including internal and external fastener threads. First-article and third-party inspections can be performed according to NAS, MS and ANSI specifications. Our dimensional... Read More
  • Din Abrader By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Din Abrader is primarily for use in determining the resistance of vulcanised rubber to abrasive forces using a cylindrical type drum. It may however be used to determine the resistance to abrasion of other types of materials such as certain plastics. A cylindrical shaped test piece is... Read More
  • DIN rail mountable Temperature Controllers By Eurotherm

    Designed to offer outstanding control performance in a compact DIN rail package the RFS provides a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications: such as plastic manufacturing, packaging machinery and food processing applications requiring precise heat/cool control and process... Read More
  • Discoplan-TS By Struers Incorporated

    Discoplan-TS is a precision cutting and grinding machine for mineralogical, petrographic and ceramic thin sections. The left side of the machine has a table with a diamond cut-off wheel and holders for initial cutting and resectioning of the specimen. The right side has a diamond cup... Read More
  • Discotom-6 By Struers Incorporated

    Very powerful, universal, and high performance cut-off machine. It is an automatic and manual machine in one making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Electronic feed speed reduction ensures excellent cutting results. Read More
  • Discotom-60/-65 By Struers Incorporated

    Discotom-60/-65 successfully combine the newest cutting technologies with unprecedented flexibility and user friendliness. Combined automatic and manual cut-off machine for 300 mm cut-off wheels. The spindle speed ranges from 1000-3000 rpm and makes it possible for customers dealing with many... Read More
  • Discs for Magnetic Fixation By Struers Incorporated

    Polishing Discs and Wet grinding Discs - comes in sizes 200, 250 and 300 mm dia. Read More
  • DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis By Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

    Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis (DMA) / Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA) records the temperature-dependent visco-elastic properties and determines the modulus of elasticity and the damping values by applying an oscillating force to the sample. Read More
  • DP-Paste By Struers Incorporated

    DP-Paste is the pioneer of diamond products - a mixture of diamonds in a soft wax which is easily worked into the cloth. Read More
  • DP-Spray By Struers Incorporated

    DP-Spray is also a very good solution because its carrier evaporates very quickly, allowing the diamonds to provide an aggressive cutting action and a fast material removal. Read More
  • DP-Stick By Struers Incorporated

    DP-Stick is a further development of DP-Paste - a similar product, but far easier to apply to the cloth. Read More
  • DP-Suspension By Struers Incorporated

    Suspension is the most versatile form because it can be used in fully automatic dosing systems as well as manually. Automatic preparation including automatic dosing of diamond suspension is the best way to achieve excellent preparation results with optimal reproducibility. Struers DP-Suspensions... Read More
  • DPV® Digital Paddle Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Dynamic Viscosity of Non-Homogenous Materials Including Emulsified Asphalts ASTM D7226, D2397, D977 and AASHTO TP-121 Common Applications Emulsified asphalts Marine fuels Suspensions Slurries Foods Paints Residual oils The DPV is an automated, rotational digital paddle viscometer for... Read More
  • Drop-in Immersibles By Ultrasonics Depot

    These specially bonded, durable transducers offer enhanced cleaning performance. The Vibra-Bar design consists of two transducer stacks which permit simultaneous multiple frequencies. They are available in the form of transducerized tanks and separate immersibles which are fully sealed so they... Read More

    Dry Milling and Grinding (Comminution) Equipment Glen Mills distributes and maintains stock of equipment from some of the world's best manufacturers of Dry Grinding and Milling equipment. Styles of mills we sell include; Jet Mills, Ball Mills, Jar Mills, Jaw Crushers, Disc Mills, Hammer... Read More
  • Drying By Struers Incorporated

    Drybox-2 is a suitable apparatus for drying of single specimens, specimen holders and for curing of cold mounted specimens. The Drybox-2 is equipped with a blower with heating element that provides airflow continuously variable from 40°C to 90°C. Read More
  • Drying Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch’s variety of high performance drying ovens offers a range of cabinet sizes and temperature capabilities to meet every application. All ovens have programmable controls and stainless steel interiors to prevent corrosion. Available options include inert atmosphere, HEPA filtration and... Read More
  • DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimetry By Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

    Thanks to its versatility and explanatory power, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is the most-employed Thermal Analysis method. NETZSCH DSC instruments work according to the heat flow principle and are characterized by a three-dimensional symmetrical construction with homogeneous heating.... Read More
  • DSC 131 evo By Setaram, Inc.

    DSC131 evo: for testing, QC and academic thermal analysis laboratories. An instrument designed from the ground up to be robust, high performance and above all user friendly featuring market leading intuitive CALISTO software and low operating costs Read More
  • Dualscope FMP100 By Fischer Technology, Inc.

    Portable electronic instrument for coating thickness measurements over steel or aluminum according to the magnetic induction and eddy current methods with USB interface. The instrument harmonizes the flexibility and capabilities of PC-based lab instruments with the manageability of compact... Read More
  • DUALSCOPE® FMP20-40 By Fischer Technology, Inc.

    The DUALSCOPE® FMP instrument series offers the operator the ability to use either the magnetic induction or the eddy current test methods for measuring coating thickness. Due to automatic substrate material recognition and the combination of both measurement methods, this universal instrument... Read More
  • Dupont Impact Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The DuPont Impact Tester has been designed to test the endurance of coated material, when impacted by a falling weight at specified points. The purpose of the test is to see if test specimens can resist the effect of rapid impact testing. The principle of the test is that a coated test... Read More
  • DuraJet By Struers Incorporated

    High-end Rockwell hardness testing machine with separate LCD touch screen display. With network integration possibilities. Load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Vertical test head and fixed table for optimal stability. Capable of testing all Rockwell methods, Plastics... Read More
  • Duramin-1 & Duramin-2 By Struers Incorporated

    Micro indentation hardness testers, equipped with electronic dual-line filar measuring unit and LCD touch-pad for easy parameter entry and display of results. Load range: 10-2000 gf. Read More
  • Duramin-A2500E By Struers Incorporated

    Fully automatic Universal Hardness Tester capable of testing Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop (HK1), and Ball Indentation. Based on load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Completely automatic test cycles eliminating operator influence. Automatic XY-table and motorised... Read More
  • DuraScan By Struers Incorporated

    DuraScan NEW Hardness testing system with unique test load range from 10 gf to 10 kgf, covering many applications. Fully automatic test cycles and hardness evaluation ensure the highest repeatability and reproducibility. The optional overview camera makes it easy to select starting points and... Read More
  • DVR-1000/DVR-1500 Digital Vacuum Regulators By Cannon Instrument Company

    For precise measurement and control of vacuum at 300 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure ASTM D2171 Common Applications Asphalt cement Asphalt binders The DVR-1000 and DVR-1500 digital vacuum regulators provide precise measurement and control of vacuum at 300 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure.... Read More
  • Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines By Zwick USA

    The name ‘Zwick‘ is automatically associated with static testing machines. However, Zwick has been active in the field of servo-hydraulic testing technology for fatigue testing and determination of durability for several years and is steadily expanding its product portfolio. Customers from... Read More
  • DZ2 By WESCO

    High Magnification & High Resolution Zoom Microscope Read More