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  • C80 By Setaram, Inc.

    Reaction, isothermal and scanning calorimeter (ambient to 300°C) Incomparable precision of measurement: the 3D Calvet sensor totally surrounds the sample, and all heat evolved is measured. Now matter how small or large the thermal transformation the system provides a complete picture of the... Read More
  • Cabinet Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch cabinet ovens and reach-in ovens are designed for easy loading and unloading. These ovens offer an almost unlimited amount of application possibilities to meet any of your batch processing needs. Cabinet and reach-in ovens provide an efficient footprint and are available in a wide range... Read More
  • Calibration Services By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Laboratory Testing Inc. provides NIST traceable (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and A2LA accredited calibration services for a wide range of gages, measuring tools, standards and measuring instruments. Calibration services compare the performance output of a tool or measuring... Read More
  • CANNON CAV®4.2 Dual Bath Automated Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    CANNON's CAV® 4.2 is a fully automated, dual-bath, benchtop viscometer with two 14-position sample handlers for unattended D445 processing. Each of the two Ubbelohde-style tubes (one per bath) covers a 100-fold viscosity range between 0.5 mm²/s (cSt) and 10,000 mm²/s (cSt) from 15 °C to 150 °C... Read More
  • Capital Project Services By Hendrix Group Inc.

    The Hendrix Group offers end-user facility and Engineering and Construction company project manager and technical group support personnel the flexibility of efficiently supplementing in-house materials engineering support. Our capital project and plant experience allows us to provide this... Read More
  • Carbon Fiber Process Lines By Harper International

    Harper offers complete thermal processing lines for Carbon Fiber from small scientific research lines to full scale carbon fiber production lines. Our industry leading LT and HT Furnaces are the industry standard choice in continuous furnace technologies for the Carbon Fiber industry.... Read More
  • Cargo-Safe Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester By Class Instrumentation Ltd

    The choice of marine surveyors across the globe The ingress of water through hatch covers is a main cause of damage to cargo. It is in the interest of ship owners, managers and insurers to guarantee the cargo hold is watertight, as damaged cargo caused by water leaking through hatch covers can... Read More
  • Ceramics By LECO Corporation

    Our crucibles, ladles, stopper rods, nozzles, and kiln furniture are manufactured using the highest-quality raw materials and process control to give you... * Increased resistance to erosion * Excellent thermal shock capability * Additional refractory life * Less slag build-up Read More
  • CH 2-4-1 fiberscopes By USA Borescopes

    Flexible fiberscopes are great for one-handed operations so that your other hand can do the work. They come in sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm and feature 2-way articulation. They are usually rugged with a stainless steel insertion probe and water and oil resistant. They work great for... Read More
  • Chain spanner By Struers Incorporated

    For clamping of large, irregularly shaped workpieces Anchor block for retaining chain Available in 12 mm T-nut version Read More
  • Charpy By Metlab Corporation

    Metlab offers a wide range of charpy machines and accessories, including motorized charpy's, specimen milling machines, gauges, broaches, and more. Read More
  • Chemical Analysis By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Laboratory Testing Inc. performs both Instrumental Chemical Analysis and classical Wet Chemistry methods to provide customers with information about material composition, including trace elements and impurities. Many test results can be provided qualitatively and quantitatively. Our chemists... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis By Massachusetts Materials Research, Inc.

    Experience is of key importance when it comes to Analytical Chemistry. Our Chemists combine their years of experience with modern techniques and equipment to provide accurate, reliable results. They have experience and knowledge involving many types of materials including metals, plastics,... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis By Lucideon

    Lucideon's chemistry labs are fully equipped to characterize and identify the composition of materials using a wide array of analytical techniques ranging from molecular analysis to bulk material characterization providing information ranging from qualitative to quantitative results. Consult our... Read More

    L I T Labs can cater to all your analytical requirements for Ferrous, Non Ferrous Metals, Ceramics & Plastics. Materials Analyzed include: Metals, Paints, Coatings and Plastics / Polymers. Analytical techniques used are as follows: Optical Emission Spectroscopy(OES) X-Ray... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis By IMR Test Labs

    The IMR chemical analysis lab has numerous analytical tools at its disposal, all geared toward providing accurate, NIST traceable analyses of metals and process solutions. IMR’s alloy chemistry lab is among the best in the world, employing an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable staff... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis (XRF) By H&M Analytical Services

    Our X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Labs offer one of the most common methods for the determining the atomic elements in a material. H&M utilizes three types of instruments - Wavelength Dispersive XRF (WDXRF) and Energy Dispersive XRF (EDXRF) for bulk analysis and an SEM mounted EDXRF unit for... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis and Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Companies seek chemical analysis for a wide variety of reasons. Many require routine chemical tests for quality control or quality assurance purposes. Unlike other labs, Chemir’s chemical testing services are customized according to each individual project’s needs. We analyze chemical products... Read More
  • Chemical Composition Analysis By Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc.

    FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer) Lead Testing (CPSC 3rd Party Approval) ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma/Atomic Emission Spectrometer) Carbon & Sulfur Analysis Direct Reader (Spark/Arc) Gas Analysis (Inert Gas Fusion) Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (EDS) X-ray Flourescence X-ray... Read More
  • Chemical Testing By Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory

    Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory performs 2 types of chemical analysis in-house: OES (Optical Emission Spectroscopy) Leco (Combustion) Read More
  • Chemistry Lab Services By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    The NSL Analytical chemical testing laboratory provides a broad range of chemical analysis services including elemental analysis and classical wet chemistry. Our testing labs provide analytical testing throughout a variety of sample substrates to levels ranging from: • Trace analysis (10 ppb to... Read More
  • Chip Processing By Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

    Ajax Tocco is the premier supplier of metal scrap processing systems worldwide. From design, manufacture, and implementation, Premelt Systems can be your absolute resource for everything from chip collection through melt submergence to obtain the highest melt yields possible today. Read More
  • CitoDoser By Struers Incorporated

    The advantages of CitoDoser are faster filling (of the mounting unit), and less spilling. CitoDoser lets the user dose a preset amount of resin by pushing a single key. Each dosing unit has a unique electronic tag, by which CitoPress recognises it and automatically retrieves the method last... Read More
  • CitoPress-10 / 1 By Struers Incorporated

    The CitoPress-10 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic, programmable single cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-10 offers total process control and database facilities. The CitoPress-1 is an automatic mounting press. The electro-hydraulic pump eliminates hand pumping. Read More
  • CitoPress-20 By Struers Incorporated

    The CitoPress-20 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic programmable dual cylinder mounting press. The CitoPress-20 offers total process control, database facilities and synchronous or independent operation of both cylinders. Read More
  • CitoVac By Struers Incorporated

    CitoVac is very user friendly and has a large vacuum chamber for many or big specimens. Main features Easy filling of mounting cups - No mess Large vacuum chamber User-friendly operation Good overview Disposable consumables Read More
  • Clamping Tool for bolts and fasteners By Struers Incorporated

    For longitudinal sectioning of bolts and fasteners Complete with tungsten carbide tipped cut-off wheel support Clamping range: 4-12 mm For 8 mm T-slots (Secotom) Read More
  • Clean Room Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers a variety of clean room ovens that are designed to meet the strict requirements of clean process applications. The ovens that Despatch offers are available in many different sizes and configurations to meet specific temperature and cycle requirements. All clean process ovens have... Read More
  • Closure Torque Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Closure Torque Testing is a measure of the torque force required to either apply or remove a cap or lid on a container. This is frequently a two stage measurement. If the cap is tamper- evident: slip torque and bridge torque is measured. If the closure is child-resistant, a concurrent measure of... Read More
  • Coatings Analysis By IMR Test Labs

    IMR Test Labs knows Thermal Spray Coatings. Whether performing a failure analysis, certifying TS operators for the CTSO program, checking your starting powder or providing thermal spray metallography training courses, IMR is your first choice lab for everything Thermal Spray. We provide... Read More
  • Coatings Inspection Instrumentation By KTA-Tator, Inc.

    KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) distributes a complete line of coatings inspection instruments, industry standards, and associated environmental monitoring equipment from over 60 leading manufacturers and organizations throughout the world. KTA supplies the coatings industry with gages and standards used... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    IDM’s Coefficient of Friction Testers have proven to be a fast, reliable and accurate method of determining coefficient of friction. Our range of COF Testers are used to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper and other sheeted material coatings. Their... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester - Incline Plane By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This instrument is used to determine the coefficient of static friction of most packaging materials by measuring the angle at which one test surface begins to slide against another inclined surface as the incline is increased at a constant and prescribed rate. As the plane rises at a rate of... Read More
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This instrument is used for determining the linear change of a refractory caused by a change in temperature and to ascertain the reversibility of these characteristics. It may also be used to determine the expansion and contraction characteristics of raw materials and refractories that do not... Read More
  • Coil, Strip - Special Purpose Metals and Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    If you need specialty metals or alloys coil or strip, for electronics, magnetic, electrical, or other industrial applications, call Ed Fagan Inc. We stock a variety of rod and bar products in various metals and alloys in a range of sizes and conditions. Let them be your warehouse so you can cut... Read More
  • colorBUG By SeaChanger

    ColorBUG is an ingenious, handheld wireless sensor that measures CIE color values and illuminance for use in a wide variety of applications. In concert with free software downloaded from the iTunes App Store, it allows users to wirelessly share data with their iPhone or iPod touch, making color... Read More
  • Colour Check Cabinets By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Colour Check Cabinet was produced to answer visual colour matching needs. Used for assessing colour changes under different light sources, to determine suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain colour consistency and quality. Fluorescent... Read More
  • Commercial Heat Treat & Development By Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic

    Ajax Tocco Magnethermic designs and manufactures Induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. ATM also offers a range of services, including commercial induction heat-treating services from our Detroit Development Center located in... Read More
  • Composite Characterization By Lucideon

    Lucideon can characterize the chemical, thermal, microstructural, mechanical and electrical properties of composite materials to support raw material verification, product development, data for marketing literature, quality control and specification testing (i.e. IPC, NEMA LI-1, Mil-spec, OEM,... Read More
  • Composite Curing Oven By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers complete vacuum bagging systems with unlimited vacuum ports. These ports can be added in sets of 8. Jack panels allow you to connect as many thermocouples as needed for monitoring the curing process. Mold preparation, including preheating, drying and cleaning processes can also... Read More
  • Composites Testing By Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc.

    Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research (WMT&R) is a world leader in composites testing. As composite and non-metallic materials become prevalent in manufacturing applications and more complex in structure, the need for accurate, comprehensive testing of these materials continues to grow.... Read More
  • Computer-Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy By RJ Lee Group, Inc.

    CCSEM is an automated analytical technique that combines a scanning electron microscope (SEM), x-ray analyzer (EDS) and software-controlled digital scan to quickly locate, size and characterize large numbers of individual particles and group them based on their elemental composition and shape. A... Read More
  • Concrete Products By Electrochemical Devices, Inc.

    Determine potential readings for all reinforced concrete applications Read More
  • Confocal Microscopes By Leica Microsystems Inc.

    Confocal microscopes from Leica Microsystems are partners in top-level biomedical research, offering unprecedented precision in three-dimensional imaging and exact examination of subcellular structures and dynamic processes. Read More
  • Consulting By EAG Laboratories

    Whether it is at your facility, here in our laboratories, part of a conference call, or by written report, Chemir's staff is available for consultation on a variety of projects. Our independent consultants bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problem-solving and product... Read More
  • Consumables By LECO Corporation

    A selection of high-quality reference materials, standards, and consumable items. Also an assortment of items for metallographic sample preparation and testing. Read More
  • Contaminant Identification & Testing By EAG Laboratories

    When an unknown material is found in a product, manufacturers need to know the source of contamination. Contaminant testing projects involve the determination of components at low concentrations (e.g. ppm levels). A strategic technical approach is required to identify the unknown contaminant... Read More
  • Continuous Ovens and Furnaces By Micropyretics Heaters International, Inc.

    Thermal processing solutions are expanding to higher temperatures, multiple treatments and atmosphere conditions. MHI is the technology leader in high temperature heating elements and furnaces. MHI offers heating solutions for a wide range of processes: bonding, oxidizing, drying, binder... Read More
  • Contract Testing Services By Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

    The NETZSCH Thermal Analysis Applications Laboratories are a proficient partner for nearly all thermal analysis issues. Our involvement in your projects begins with painstaking sample preparation and continues through meticulous examination and interpretation of the measurement results. Our... Read More
  • Controlcat New Horizons in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and much more! By Omega Engineering, Inc.

    DILBERT™ CONTROLCAT NEW HORIZONS® in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and More! Version No. 28 Contains over 150 full color pages of state-of-the art products separated into 7 sections: Automation, Sanitary, Temperature, Electric Heaters, Wireless/Data Acquisition, Pressure/Strain/Force, and... Read More
  • Controlled Expansion Alloys By Ed Fagan Inc.

    Ed Fagan Inc. has a large inventory of Controlled Expansion Alloys for applications where metals must form a hermetic seal with glass or ceramic. In order to prevent the glass or ceramic from cracking, the thermal expansion characteristics of the alloy must closely match the thermal expansion... Read More
  • Conveyor Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers a variety of conveyor ovens that are ideal for situations where a large quantity of similar product pieces is processed. Conveyorized ovens ensure consistent processing times for each part in high-volume applications. Despatch conveyor ovens achieve superior temperature... Read More
  • Cooling System By Struers Incorporated

    Main features and advantages Modular system – for easy and flexible system upgrades Pumps and tanks available in two sizes – select sizes according to needs Available with band filter or static filter – choose according to the amount of debris from the cutting or preparation... Read More
  • Corrosion Control By Hendrix Group Inc.

    The Hendrix Group Inc. has been providing corrosion consulting, corrosion prevention and corrosion control services to business, industry, insurance and legal companies and government for more than 35 years. Our objective is to provide a quality service at a reasonable price, to develop... Read More
  • Corrosion Control Documents By Hendrix Group Inc.

    Corrosion control documents are essential inputs into effective mechanical integrity programs and risk-based inspection programs. They have been referred to by different acronyms, including Material Operating Envelopes (MOEs); Critical Process Variables (CPVs); Corrosion Manuals; Corrosion... Read More
  • Corrosion Investigation By Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

    Corrosion is a phenomenon leading to exorbitant losses of materials, energy, and money by causing degradation of products, materials of construction, equipment, and necessitating increased maintenance. This leads to unplanned shutdowns and may even result in serious accidents. MTi specializes... Read More
  • Corrosion -Salt Fog Testing By Cascade TEK

    Cascade TEK's Salt Fog chambers use accredited methods to test the corrosion resistance of products in harsh environments. Salt Fog Testing is typically performed on coated or painted samples for marine, automotive, and military equipment. Salt Fog Testing is also an excellent way to test the... Read More
  • Corrosion Testing By Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory

    Our Corrosion Testing consists of: Salt Spray Testing Humidity Coating Evaluations Fabrication of Salt Spray Panels Read More
  • Corrosion Testing By IMR Test Labs

    Corrosion, in its myriad forms, costs industry and manufacturing in the neighborhood of $3.5 billion annually. The experts at IMR Test Labs can offer testing and consultation services to provide failure and root cause analysis to identify and mitigate costly field and plant failures. Our... Read More
  • Corrosion Testing By Laboratory Testing Inc.

    Accelerated intergranular corrosion, salt spray (salt fog), humidity, temperature and passivation testing are performed at Lab Testing to help customers determine the impact of environmental conditions on their material or products. Testing and analysis can help compare materials, estimate the... Read More
  • Creep & Stress Rupture Testing By IMR Test Labs

    Now with GE S-400 approval for Creep Testing, the Mechanical Testing Department at our Portland, OR facility is well equipped to perform Creep and Stress Rupture testing of a wide variety of materials to both standard and customized specifications. A number of test frames are available,... Read More
  • Creep / Stress Rupture Testers By ATS - Applied Test Systems Inc.

    Applied Test Systems is the leader in reliable, long lasting, precise direct load and lever arm test systems. When combined with our wide range of accessory equipment these machines are capable of performing many types and variations of creep and stress rupture testing. Read More
  • CryoFurnace By DMP CryoSystems

    The first and only cryogenic tempering chamber to have an upper limit of +1200°F, CryoFurnaces are used for a variety of heat treating applications such as atmospheric tempering, stress relieving, and deep cryogenic tempering. The added benefit of inert atmosphere control will make these systems... Read More
  • CryoSwitch By DMP CryoSystems

    The CryoSwitch™ is an invaluable automation device for companies that operate equipment using multiple dewars instead of bulk cryogenic liquid systems. The CryoSwitch™ manifold system automatically switches from an empty cylinder to a full cylinder, eliminating disruptions in the liquid supply... Read More
  • CryoTemper By DMP CryoSystems

    From it's inception the CryoTemper™ has set itself apart from the competition. Designed from the ground up, it has always been intended for use in rigorous environments delivering efficient trouble free operation. CryoTemper™ processors should not be confused with converted deep freezers or... Read More
  • Crystal Structure Solution By H&M Analytical Services

    Small Chemical Molecule Structures and Crystal Structures Models The small molecule crystal structure solution technique (sometimes called chemical crystallography) can be used to unambiguously determine the 3-D structure of small chemical molecule structures at near-atomic resolution. Our... Read More
  • CSA Z662-11 Package Smart By Techstreet

    1.1 This Standard covers the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of oil and gas industry pipeline systems that convey (a) liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, multiphase fluids, condensate, liquid petroleum products, natural gas liquids, and liquefied petroleum gas; (b)... Read More
  • CSZ Vibration Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    Our Test Laboratory offers a variety of shock and vibration testing services for testing a wide range of products across many industries. Automotive components are tested to simulate the effect of road conditions. Other products may be exposed to vibration during transportation until they reach... Read More
  • CT-1000 Extended Range Constant Temperature Bath By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Kinematic Viscosity from 20 °C to 150 °C ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104/3105 Common Applications Formulated oil analysis Hydraulic oil analysis Additive analysis Marine fuel testing Base stock analysis Light and heavy fuel testing Waxes/paraffin Crude oil testing Glycols CT-1000 series constant... Read More
  • Curing Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers a selection of benchtop, cabinet, walk-in and conveyor ovens that are ideal for curing applications. The wide variety of ovens offer fast ramping and cool down rates for maximum productivity, short cycle times and a consistent, reproducible curing process for all product loads. Read More
  • Custom Designed Industrial Ovens By Thermcraft, Inc.

    Standard and custom designed ovens are available in either batch or continuous types. Sizes range from bench top to industrial truck ovens in single or double door styles. Ovens may be either electric or gas fired. Read More
  • Custom Load Cells By HITEC Sensor Developments

    Our design and manufacturing capabilities result in a custom load cell that is all yours. We have qualified machining vendors available at moments’ notice as well as an in-house machining department. Capacities are yours to choose and in-house NIST traceable calibration is available. Our custom... Read More
  • Custom Synthesis Services By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services offers custom synthesis services to support contract research and development for many different industries. Our team provides organic synthesis of compounds at the milligram to kilogram scale. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects that require fast... Read More
  • Custom-Manufactured Medical Endoscopes By Instrument Technology Inc.

    Do you need a custom-built scope that other manufacturers can't (or won't) make for you? Take advantage of our 40-plus-year history as a manufacturer of robust, high precision remote viewing devices. Traditional scope designs employing rigid or fiber optics Video based designs using CCD or... Read More
  • Cutting Accessories By Struers Incorporated

    Adjustable cutting table (manual) for Discotom-6 for cutting plane parallel sections. Quick-clamping devices for 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot cutting tables. Vertical clamping systems for 10 mm and 12 mm T-slot cutting tables. Advanced modular system for the supply of cooling water on... Read More
  • Cygnus 1 Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge By Cygnus Instruments

    A tough, rugged Ultrasonic Thickness gauge using our Multiple Echo technology. Multiple echo means you get a true, accurate, verified thickness measurement and coatings such as paint or decals do not have to be removed in order to get a thickness measure. The coatings are ignored. This gauge... Read More
  • Cygnus 2 By Cygnus Instruments

    A tough, rugged Ultrasonic Thickness gauge using our Multiple Echo technology. Multiple echo means you get a true, accurate, verified thickness measurement and coatings such as paint or decals do not have to be removed in order to get a thickness measure. The coatings are ignored. This gauge... Read More
  • Cygnus 3 Data Logger By Cygnus Instruments

    The Cygnus 3 Data Logger thickness gauge is versatile and easy to program with simple menu operation. It allows you to collect measurements electonically and download to meaninful 8 1/2" X 11" reports as required by HM-183. Original thicknesses and upper/lower tolerances can be added to provide... Read More
  • Cypher AFM By Asylum Research

    The Cypher™ Atomic Force Microscope The World’s Fastest AND Highest Resolution AFM Asylum’s Cypher Atomic Force Microscope is the industry’s first new small sample AFM in over a decade, setting new standards for speed, resolution, stability, control, and modularity. Cypher provides... Read More