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  • B&H Machine Co. Inc.


  • Balazs NanoAnalysis

  • Barker Minerals Ltd

  • Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

  • Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

  • Benz

  • Benz Testing Instruments

  • Berg Engineering & Sales, Company, Inc.

  • Berlinger USA LLC

  • Blue Power Casting Systems

  • Bodycote S3P

  • Boli Optics Inc.

  • BOSS Products

  • Bristol Instruments, Inc.

  • Bruker AXS Handheld

  • Bruker Detection Corp.

  • Bruker Nano, Inc.

  • Brunswick Instrument, LLC

  • Bud Labs

  • Buehler

    For over half a century Buehler has been the leading manufacturer of scientific instruments and supplies for cross-sectional analysis. Buehler products are used throughout the world by metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments, and failure analysis facilities for the analysis of... Read More
  • Bulbtronics Inc.

  • Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.

  • BYK-Gardner USA