Highest Accuracy Load Pin

Press Release from tecsis LP

The tecsis Model XLPD  Force Sensing Load Pin features our patent-pending design which achieves superior accuracy up to 0.25%. Most of the accuracy error in a load pin is the result of variations in the application of the load. Now, tecsis engineers have found a way to virtually eliminate loading-induced error and create the most accurate and repeatable load pin on the market.

The XLPD is available in ranges up to 16 tons (0-150kN) and delivers a combined ±0.25% linearity & hysteresis, and repeatability of ±0.1% FS. Standard output is 2mV/V with an excitation of 10Vdc. This unit is IP67 Rated, and built to perform with all stainless steel construction, a temperature range from -65° to +250°F, and a 150% safe overload rating.

Created originally for harbor cranes and mobile and stationary straddle cranes, these force sensing load pins have set a new standard for force and weighing applications of all kinds.

Performance is dependent on measuring range and the diameter of the load pin. Each load pin is application-specific, so please contact tecsis LP for final specifications. 

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