Pancake Load Cell Uses Bonded Foil Technology

Press Release from tecsis LP

tecsis LP (USA) offers the Model XLP58: a versatile, low profile “pancake” load cell capable of measuring force in both tension and compression. Fully welded stainless steel construction and proven strain gage technology delivers outstanding 0.1% linearity across ranges from 5 to 500,000 pounds. The rugged pancake design resists side loading for solid and repeatable performance in the most demanding applications.

XLP58 is offered in a variety of sizes from 2.5” to 14” in diameter, with industry-standard bolt patterns and a threaded through-hole design for easy integration into any process.  Standard output is 2mV/V or 3mV/V (range dependent) and all outputs are available via internal or external amplification.


The stability, performance, and reliability of this load cell make it desirable for use in a variety of weighing applications including overload protection on cranes or drilling rigs, as well as automated assembly, and general industrial test and measurement applications. Precision ground pull plates, load buttons, overload stops, fatigue rating, and dual bridge designs are optionally available.

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