Nippon Pulse Geared Stepper Motors, High Torque in Small Package

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Greenville, DE-   A feature of Nippon Pulse's popular and reliable stepper motors, which we have been manufacturing since 1960, is the ability to add reduction gearheads.  These gearheads have a wide range of ratios, from 1/400 to 6/25.  In all, there are over 20 different gear ratios to choose from, depending on the motor size.


Maximum torques range from 10mN·m to 2500mN·m, depending on the size of the motor and the gear ratio. In addition to choosing from the different motor sizes and ratios, we also offer over 30 customized modifications, including shafts with flats and thruholes, coil windings, variable lead lengths, and lead wire connectors.


There are a variety of applications suited to integrate our geared stepper motors, including valve control, lens focusing, and fluid pumps. Industries also using Nippon Pulse geared motors include gaming, medical, office automation, and metrology.  Geared options are available on any of our standard rotary stepper motors, which range in size from 20mm to 55mm.


Features of Nippon   Pulse's geared stepper motors include:


·                    Over 20 different gear ratios to choose from

·                    Maximum torque range from 10mN·m to 2500mN·m

·                    Customizable lead wires, flanges, and shafts

·                    Easy and inexpensive to drive and control

·                    Easily and affordably integrated into a variety of systems

·                    Reliable and durable

·                    Gear reduction ratios from 6/25 to 1/300


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