MoviTHERM's New Original Podcast Generates Curiosity in the Engineering World

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IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MoviTHERM, announced the launch of their podcast, "The Thermal Review," in May. Since then, it has generated curiosity in the engineering space. The Thermal Review covers the wide world of thermal imaging and automated advancements. It aims to appeal to automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and military and defense engineers.  

The podcast covers compelling topics surrounding the science of infrared thermography. It is also the first podcast ever to broadcast in thermal. In episode two, "Preventing Fires in Industrial Settings with Thermal Imaging," both a regular and thermal camera was used to film. Both views are displayed simultaneously on the screen so viewers can compare how visible and infrared light look different from one another.

Markus Tarin and David Bursell host the Thermal Review. Markus is the President and CEO of MoviTHERM. He was the lead architect on multiple product development projects for defense, research, medical and industrial applications. Through his company, MoviTHERM, he has commercialized many of these developments for condition monitoring, quality inspection, and non-destructive testing. David Bursell has been extensively involved with infrared science for over 23 years. He has worked for imaging companies, including Inframetrics, FLIR Systems, and MoviTHERM, where he is currently the VP of Business Development.

"I met Markus over 16 years ago when looking for a systems integrator who could create solutions with the infrared cameras my company manufactured. Since then, we have worked together. We have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in creating infrared solutions and have solved many problems. We both thought, "Why not share what we've learned with others?". As such, we started The Thermal Review." - David Bursell

Between the two, they have over 40 years of combined experience in the infrared space.

"It's all about education. We love infrared technology and believe there is so much that can be done with it. When you're passionate about something, you love to share it. We hope to spread the word about infrared science and get the world thinking thermally." – David Bursell.

MoviTHERM's podcast, "The Thermal Review," aims to become the #1 resource for all things thermal imaging. New episodes are released every first Thursday of the month. Listeners can expect discussions on thermal cameras, inspection techniques, applications, success stories, and lessons learned.

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MoviTHERM – Advanced Thermography solutions was founded in 1999. The company provides IoT cloud monitoring solutions for thermal imaging applications for early fire detection, machine condition, and other applications. In addition, MoviTHERM offers solutions for plastic welding, package sealing, and non-destructive testing. MoviTHERM is a Teledyne FLIR Premium Partner and master distributor of FLIR Thermal Cameras for automation and science applications.

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