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About Buehler

  • Since 1936 Buehler designs and manufactures metallographic equipment and consumables for cross-sectional analysis. In 2020 Buehler celebrates the 100 years of the Wilson hardness testers. Global metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments, research centers and failure analysis facilities for all types of materials including ceramics, composites, semi-conductors, metals, rocks and minerals, and plastics .Customers in aerospace, automotive, metals, medical device, elecronics and other industries rely on Buehler for consistent, repetitive results. Buehler's new line of equipment is built for performance and ease of use with smart programmable capabilities. Ask for programmable abrasive to precision cutters, planar grinders, semi automatic programmable grinder polishers, digital programmable castable vacuum system, dual capacity automated mounting press to the renown Wilson hardness testers and DiaMet hardness software, and reference blocks for Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell .

Products by Buehler

  • EcoMet® 300 Grinder-Polisher

    The EcoMet/AutoMet family of Grinder and Polishers are designed for demanding production lab environments. Simplicity is balanced with versitility to accomodate many applications. All EcoMet/AutoMets have durable construction for reliability in high use environments, unique quick cleaning... Read more
  • Imaging & Analysis

    Microscopes for material analysis must use reflected light. Whether upright or inverted, either can be paired with image capture and analysis systems, including cameras and analysis software. Common applications like grain size, porosity and phase percentage have now been incorporated into ready... Read more
  • IsoMet High Speed Precision Cutter

    The IsoMet High Speed is a table top precision saw that provides efficient and precise cuts with intuitive control. The innovative machine and vise designs make setup quick and simple. It align cuts quickly by using x-axis blade movement, and tool-less vising adjustment. Precision and abrasive... Read more

Content by Buehler

  • Efficient Sample Preparation and Analysis of Ferrous Materials By

    Efficient sample preparation in production environments needs to be reliable, repeatable and fast to perform. Especially with high sample volumes of similar materials, the preparation sequence can be accelerated by selecting the optimal equipment and consumables. Using the PlanarMetâ„¢ 300 stone... Read more
  • Cutting Edge Hardness Testing By

    Quality assessment of cutting blades has its challenges, but these can be overcome. Technique and attention to details with specimen preparation is a key factor to success. Having the specimen flat with no edge rounding will allow an indent to be placed near the blade tip. The use of semi... Read more
  • Case Hardened Steels - Induction Hardened By

    Induction hardening of steel components involves raising the temperature of the surface layer to where it’s transformed to austenite and rapidly cooling to produce a hard martensitic microstructure. This is mainly done on hardenable steels although some carburized steels are often reheated... Read more