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ASAME Technology LLC

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1903 Wickett Way
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Competitors of ASAME Technology LLC
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    Mecmesin – a world leader in affordable force and torque testing solutions, Tensile, compression, material and torque testing machines and gages from Mecmesin are used in R&D and quality control laboratories and manufacturing plants around the world to assess and to ensure the quality of raw...
  • Affri Inc.

    Since 1954 AFFRI® has been producing hardness testers where the force is generated by load cells instead of traditional dead-weight loads and elevating screws. Combine this technology with innovative components and the result is the unique AFFRI SYSTEM®. The AFFRI SYSTEM® has consistently...
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Products by ASAME Technology LLC
  • ASAME Target Model

    Measures the surface geometry and strain distribution over an area of a stamped part that has been gridded with a pattern of squares before forming. A compact system requiring only lightweight and readily portable equipment to make surface strain and geometry measurements. Read more
  • Grid Pattern Analyzer (GPA)

    Measures a single grid square or circle at a time, where the measured data is plotted instantly on a forming limit diagram or section plot. The GPA is completely portable, requiring only a laptop computer and the hand-held GPA camera unit. Read more
  • ASAME Display Software

    The ASAME Display Software uses the same core program as our strain measurement systems to show major strain, minor strain, strain directions, and three-dimensional part geometry. It can graph forming limit diagrams and section plots, calculate thickness and effective strain, and import and... Read more