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Residual stress measurement

Residual stress measurement

Available from Stresstech Oy

Residual stress state of a material results from the superposition of many different factors such as heat treatment, grinding, rolling, shot peening, nitriding, polishing and others. The stress that a material experiences is a sum of applied and residual stresses, latter of which is relatively... Read More

Tensile Testers

Tensile Testers

Available from Mecmesin Corporation

Tensile Testing Machines: Tensile testers for tensile, lap shear, pull off, pull out, tear strength, tear resistance and adhesion/peel strength testing. Our top-of-the-range MultiTest-i tensile testers provide optimum testing performance and evaluation options, enabling you to get the most... Read More

Iris DVR 5 4mm

Iris DVR 5 4mm

Available from USA Borescopes

Iris DVR 5 4mm Available in 1.5, 2 and 3 meter lengths. High resolution CCD image sensor. With the new iRis DVR 360° videoscope either still images or video sequences of remote visual inspections are recorded fully digital in brilliant image quality (3.5 times zoom function). Any movement... Read More

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Allied High Tech Products Incorporated

For over 37 years, Allied has been meeting the needs of concerns engaged in the microelectronics, materials science, materials manufacturing, aerospace, military, photonics, fiber optics, and research & development industries. We aggressively pursue the advancement of methods and procedures... Read More


DÜRR NDT provides comprehensive digitalization solutions for the NDT industry: Networked, digital radiography systems combined with innovative software. This includes high resolution imaging plate scanners and flat panel detectors, software for image acquisition and evaluation, standard... Read More

Ted Pella, Inc

Ted Pella, Inc is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of quality consumables, supplies and specimen preparation tools for all disciplines of microscopy in science and industry. Also offered is a complete line of general lab supplies. Ted Pella, Inc specializes in SEM mounts and sample... Read More

Quad Group Inc.

Quad Group, Inc. pioneered stud pull over 35 years ago and is a leading manufacturer of adhesion, adherence and material characterization testers. The Romulus Universal Tester performs a multitude of tests simply by changing platforms. Examples of testing capabilities include Stud Pull coating... Read More

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