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  • ImagiX - Compact Computed Tomography X-ray System

    The ImagiX is a universal microCT and nanoCT system designed for the scanning of small objects. The system can handle objects sized from 0.02’’ (0.5mm) to 6’’ (150mm) and perform an automatic 3D Computed Tomography reconstruction with state of the art software. With its Submicron maximum... Read More
  • CXMM 50, a true X-ray Metrology CT system

    High precision. Metrology made easy. Seamlessly acquire full internal and external measurements of your components with the CXMM 50, a true X-ray Metrology CT system. Whether you need to measure the inside of a fuel injector or the coating thickness on a heart valve, the CXMM 50 was designed to... Read More
  • X7000 Large Component X-ray System

    Modular and robust, the X7000 is North Star Imaging’s largest standard system. The optional independent horizontal (x-axis) travel of the tube and detector allow for unparalleled inspection capabilities of an elongated object. The system is great for composites, castings, pipes, tubes, welds and... Read More
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