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  • TEC Materials Testing Division

    Improving Your Products Through Process and Quality Control
    Residual Stress and Retained Austenite Measurement Services: TEC's residual stress measurement capabilities are well known and widely used by a variety of industries and applications. Some of these industries are aerospace, automotive, railroad and defense. Other applications include research and development, manufacturing and testing laboratories....
  • Stresstech Oy

    Products and services for process control and quality inspection of camshafts,crankshafts, bearings, gears, valves, etc. Applications for monitoring various manufacturing processes, such as grinding, super finishing, shot peening, heat treatment, case depth after case hardening, etc. Turnkey...
  • Proto Manufacturing

    PROTO Manufacturing is a leading provider of portable and laboratory based XRD residual stress measurements systems, x-ray tubes and custom XRD systems. PROTO Manufacturing also provides residual stress measurement services through it’s laboratories in the United States and Canada.
  • ABB Inc

    ABB has taken its Industrial IT framework and developed the concept of a single source for plant wide automation and data management. This single framework is the backbone for its support of the regulatory industry. ABB is a global provider of automation solutions for the Pharmaceutical and...
  • American Stress Technologies, Inc.

    Our solutions - from single measurements to fully automated, in-line testing systems - offer highly effective methods for •measuring stresses, •determining microstructure, and •detecting material defects using •Barkhausen noise technology, •X-ray diffraction, or •hole-drilling...